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Nikon D3100 by jOC

Discussion in 'Photography' started by jesus of Cannabis, May 29, 2013.

  1. thanks folks, I love taking pics to show the area and places I have been, mainly so i can look back when my mind turns to mush and i can see what i have done.
    I use Picasa to do my editing, but not much mainly light and shadows, but ya its pretty fun.
    Thanks for looking.
  2. this is more editing
  3. [​IMG]





    mother nature gives me the opportunity and i am humbled to be there and capture it.
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  4. going to be around the area for the 4th? so many people around they wont mind a few patients getting to know each other with a J.
  5. my lens cracked last month and i want to get something different, different perspectives....
    but here are my i[phone pics

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    Galaxy Master

    Galaxy Master Member

    oh my... so beautiful
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    Liviss Member

    I just couldn't get over this. I really love photos. I had old Nikon untill it drown in the river (thanks to my brother :( )... Cool pics, guys!
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    Waltienni Member

    Nice shots, dudes
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  9. bought a macro lens


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