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Newbie In Need Of A Little Advice Please :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by ChronIIc KusH, Jan 1, 2013.

    ChronIIc KusH

    ChronIIc KusH Member

    hi all this is my 2nd grow first one went well from a little help from friends but im struggling with this one due to the size i think i may be over watering which i am still only giving them clean water and my room temps are roughly 26 degrees under a 600w metal halide its the new growth what worries me the lower yellow leaf was there when i got it as a cutting any advice would be much appreciated thanks [​IMG][​IMG] the higer leaves r greener then they appear under my light lol ​


    1djwesty Active Member

    Happy New Year bro!Are you feeding them any nutes yet?Looks like overwatering plus they could do with some vegging nutes at 1/4 strength or get some root juice by Biobizz(It's specially formulated for seedlings and cuttings) and give it full strength.If you're worried about overwatering,you can buy a water meter on Ebay for under £5(i'm a UK grower).You put the probe in the soil and it tells you whether it's wet,dry or moist.I had the same problems when i started but the meter lets you know exactly when the girls are thirsty.If you don't want to trust a meter,feel the weight of the pot and compare it to a pot of dry soil.When my girls are that small, I never give them more than half a small cup full of water per day(250ml),don't give them ultra cold water cos it might shock them.I don't drench the soil cos the roots have to breath and take in oxygen and if they need more, i'll give them more when they need it.
    I use Biobizz Biogrow as a veg nute but that's because I combine it with using Biobizz Allmix as a growing medium but i'm sure other growers will recommend other veg nutes depending on what medium you're using.
    Good luck man,they'll recover in a few days.Laters!!
    ChronIIc KusH

    ChronIIc KusH Member

    thanks i did think overwatering myself there in rockwool cubes aswel which will also hold water but im using coco and also told that its inert and ive only just started feeding vitalink earth which recommends 2-3ml per litre and i started with 1ml i store feed premixed by the litre in my tent ive seen them meter's think i should grab one as i do struggle with watering i will be ok when i transplant em as i use coc and clay balls 60/40 mix which is more aless impossible to over water lol

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