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newbie aussie running experiments

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sinister131, Jan 1, 2014.


    sinister131 New Member

    Hey guys ive done a whole lot of reading on RIU today and some of you guys really are switched on with growing. Ive already learnt alot in just a few hours.

    Im 20 and from tassie.
    I grew up with my farther being a full time guerrilla grower and his best mate doing the indoors thing. I know the basics and would love to post a few pics from last years run and a possible fantasy run ;)
    If im safe to post pics living tasmania ill start posting? ??

    aussie originals

    aussie originals Active Member

    hey man. fellow aussie and i post on tons of forums but its really a personal choice. good luck in growing either way

    sinister131 New Member

    Aight cheers mate... can I just post whst what im upto in this post ?

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    yep, post away


    tho make sure your pictures don't contain any personal informations, some digital cameras add a lot of info to the pictures so if your paranoid you better check for that, but unless you run a major operation I don't think you have anything to worry about

    Slipon Well-Known Member


    NorthofEngland Well-Known Member

    Isn't it difficult to grow in Tazmania?
    With all the legal opium poppy farms I would've thought the authorities were watching every patch of earth to make sure that nothing illegal was planted....???

    There's a YOUTUBE vid called CZECH HEROIN HOLIDAY.
    Walking distance from Prague there's poppy fields (for seeds for bread etc)
    Junkies camp out in the area and make their own smack with little more than a piece of rag, some vinegar and a campfire.

    I was once told that, if you go within 50ft of a Tazzie Poppy field you'll be stopped, searched and questioned.

    Is this correct?

    sinister131 New Member

    Aight I should be fine then cheers and about the poppies I dont think there that strict because you can drive down a public road next to poppys but im unsure as I stay well away from poppys... and if you check a map out of tasmania you'll see there is alot more bush here than fields..

    sinister131 New Member

    There the only pics I found from last year's run I was going to run them all the way through under the cfl's but I let them get to big so I had to chuck them out the bush and they went straight into flower then back to veg them flowered again very late but I got a decent amount considering and my first time smoking n growing proper strains :D made me realize the shit people grow around here is crap..
    Im completely outdoors this year with 1 auto super skunk on trail. These auto's are cool to play around with but slow maturing and not much yield ill try get a pic today..

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