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New World Order fema concentration camps guillotines and coffins

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Evil Buddies, Aug 18, 2010.

    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    Will Martial Law in america be enforced, if the american dollar crashes and the money is worthless unless ur mega rich and put ur assets into gold or another currency. People wont be abe to afford food, that will start rioting and looting. The looters and rioters will be called terrorists and martial law will be introduced. With the Law obama passed they can lock anyone they say is a terrorist or might comit a terrorist act for as long as they like without trial or evidence. That's what they will do, they got the coffins ready and the concentration camps. They can lock u up indefinately without any evidence or charge.

    How do you all feel about this have you done any research on it all you have to do is go on youtube type NWO or New World Orer and watch some vids. I will find some links in my next reply and post them.

    The Amero the new currency that will replace the american dollar is being made, Looks like big change is gonna happen in america and I hope it will be for the best. People should be aware of whats going on around them. Instead of living in thier own protected worlds they make for themselves. As long as things dont affect the lil world they create for themselves they dont care whats going on in the world. Well it dont affect me i got all that i want. But when things start to affect the safe lil world that people create for themselves only then will they take notice and care whats going on around them. Take time out of your own lil world u create for urself and find out whats going on. You might be able to make a difference if u have the knowledge and stop things affecting the world and the lil world u make for urself.

    Im posting this just to listen to peoples views on the NWO people that have done research on it or not, all are welcome.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    The links as promised there might be some better youtube videos on the subject so feel free to watch others on the subject.

    Link one Martial Law youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBwUG0_E9PM&playnext=1&videos=pk6LRDIXQBk&feature=grec_index
    Link two Fema concentration camps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLOK_uLvm4c&feature=fvst
    Link three Fema coffins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FnZLx8J4oM
    Amero dollar new american proposed currency http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoSYKhqYXVI

    These videos will get u up to speed with whats going on if you dont already know I think its important that people watch these videos if they know nothing on the obove subjects.

    Peace and Love is the only way


    andar Well-Known Member

    sorry but george bush actually signed that law. i know you guys blame every god damn problem in the world on obama but this is bold face lie. how come your repub leaders can never do anything wrong? george bush fucked our country WAY more than obama has or probably could unless he started to more wars for no reason and cut taxes even more. do you actually pay attention to and understand politics or do you just have that much faith in glen beck and his cronies?

    andar Well-Known Member

    and your example you presented is perfect reason why americans need guns. we would all be fucked if we didnt have them . our government is slowly trying to take away our rights. (your boy george bush had a big part in that) we cant let them make us afraid! fear is THE number one reason people willingly give up their rights. they start scaring the shit out of us and all of a sudden weve lost rights then we realized we had nothing to be afraid of and its too late.

    Radiate Well-Known Member

    Due to the dogged stupidity of the "FEMA coffins" I'm not even sure if I can watch the other two. Some things to clear up:

    1. The goddamned casket is supposed to go INSIDE the box. A liner can be on the outside of something too.

    2. This video puts forth absolutely Z-E-R-O evidence to support its preposterous claims. To believe anything said by that man you have to take his word for it. It's all told by this guy and that guy and this son of the friend of the other guy, and he convieniently forgets the name of a senator involved and fails to name any of those "1,2 and 3 star generals" either.

    3. The whole spiel about "special reinforced lids" is utter bullshit. Those aren't lids, they're the base that the casket is set on, and the large liner is lowered on around the casket. The manufacturer of these liners have pictures of identical units on their website and it can be clearly seen that they do not have a removable rounded top as claimed. Pure disinformation.

    I can't tell whether or not that was all made out of utter ignorance and paranoia or if it is purposefully bullshit, but in either case I'd take another hard look at these "facts" if I were you.

    SouthernGanja Active Member

    Always the same shit: Anyone who says something bad about Obama is automatically a Bush/Beck/Fox News fanboi.

    You guys need new material TBH.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    I created this post to see what peoples view is on the NWO Martial law in america. The truth is southern ganja is that americas going to shit and the future aint gonna be nice if it keeps going the way its going hopefully it wont. The law about locking people up indefinately without trial so what if it was bush or obama it still is passed its still operational. People have the right of free speach and the people that speak aint the following sheep. Its good to have an opinion to fight against what u think is wrong.

    Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman Active Member


    You aren't by any chance a National Enquirer reader are you?

    NoDrama Well-Known Member


    beardo Well-Known Member

    Marshall tucker band rules [youtube]QSMyY3_dmrM[/youtube]
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    Wordz Well-Known Member

    that had me cracking the fuck up

    andar Well-Known Member

    thats bullshit. hes the one that strate lied. i dont care what you say about obama or bush or anyone . i hate all politicians. its just usually people who strate up lie and blame EVERYTHING on obama or bushbeckfox people. i just wanted to clear up that very stupid lie because it is annoying to hear conservatives and liberals bitch at each other all the time and spread lies.

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!


    Smuggler Active Member

    The stuff is really going on and the coffin covers are in fact, intended to be used upside down to hold more bodies, not just coffins. Take a drive to some of the named locations around the country and you will see them for yourselves.

    There are several aerial videos of the fema camps showing the vastness of them.

    Thousands of Rail cars have been converted to haul people instead of new cars. They are also lined up in rail yards around the country. They have the Homeland Security emblem on the side instead of the RR name.

    Don't believe us! Learn where and go see this stuff for yourselves!

    Or just sit in front of the TV and eat pie. S
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    Thank you for ur reply smuggler it is a very important people are aware of this shit. I say many times a lot of people create their own world for themselves. As long as things dont affect their world they're living in they dont care. But when the world they created for themselves this safe world is affected only then will they care whats going on in the real world outside the one they've created for themselves. By then its too late and the shit has hit the fan. Life is going to change and I hope its gonna be for the greater good of humanity all of us as equals.


    medicineman New Member

    I found the train yard to be exactly that, a train yard. Me thinks there is a bit of paranoia going round. Coffins, maybe they are for a national emergency. What else would one do with a few thousand dead bodies, natural disasters or terrorist attacks. To believe in these times there won't be some disaster in country with a few thousand dead bodies is a bit naive.

    redivider Well-Known Member

    i saw a bunch of videos on youtube.

    most of them consisted of warehouse workers filming the "cosigned inventory" areas of warehouses and explaining how "this is where 200 people go" when the purpose of the fence is to seperate the escrowed inventory, from the raw materials owned by the factory.

    i also saw another one which was a train station being renovated. the guys like: see, there's electronic turnstiles! there's a fence, and as you can see it's designed so that people can't get out!!..... i'm like, actually, it's designed for people to not get on the train without paying....

    and about the aerial video of the vast FEMA camp, non-existent as far as i'm concerned. i didn't find it, and if you want to change my mind, you find it and post it.

    beardo Well-Known Member


    Smuggler Active Member

    OK, you asked. Here are FEMA trailers staged on a closed military base in preparation of the camp opening.

    Before you say, “this is just some trailer companies inventory”, just know that trailer companies don’t build inventory but instead only build to order.

    Before you say, “those are just trailers from the New Orleans hurricane”, just know that there are dozens of FEMA trailer storage facilities are all over the US.

    Before you say whatever excuse comes to mind next, just know that there are many coffin storage facilities in close proximity to the trailer storage areas.

    The FEMA trailers are nestled together for grounds keeping and maintenance reasons until activated. Only those persons that are “selected” (red code signifies potential NWO enemy) will be relocated to the camps. Once activated, the larger trailers will house groups of 6 to 8 men or women for “processing”. The smaller trailers will house guards and administrative workers & their families.

    Say what you want but you’re seeing more than just trailer storage, with your own eyes. These trailers cost about $20,000 each and there are hundreds of thousands of them spread across the US.






    redivider Well-Known Member

    man, you trippin...

    one of these is in louisiana, the state that a few years ago was like 50% underwater, and more than amillion people were displaced....

    the other one's in missisipi..... it's not a fema trailer storage facility, it's a upper-class neighborhood!!!!

    no but seriously...

    the government showed during katrina that they're not ready for a disaster here at home.... they're getting ready just in case..... nothing wrong with that.... if the damn trailers wouldn't leak.....

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