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New white hairs right before harvest

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Woodland Dave, Apr 5, 2010.

    Woodland Dave

    Woodland Dave Member

    Yo! I have been flushing for two weeks and my plants are looking just about ready harvest. The problem is they grew new hairs. I have been watching the trichomes closely and they were pretty milky by the time the new hairs grew. I also don't see any trichomes turning amber yet. I have no idea what to do because nowhere on the internet does it say anything about this.

    Thanks for your time!
    Woodland Dave

    Woodland Dave Member

    Just checked trichomes again under 100x. The trichomes seemed way under developed for how many hairs have turned brown. Almost all the hairs are brown, except the new ones, and I only saw a couple amber headed trichomes. Also the milkyish trichomes I just looked at had amber hairs near them.
    ultimate buds

    ultimate buds Well-Known Member

    you might wanna try cutting it down in stages taking areas that seem ready an leaving other parts a bit longer

    CanadianKnights Well-Known Member

    ultimate buds has the idea. If they look plump and mature chop them, clear trichomes only means a headier high.

    bobsgreen Active Member

    Definitely not ready for an even stone you want them all milky, until theyre all milky and start to/right before they start to turn amber..until then the plants still producing thc, you shouldnt hAve to look around the orange hairs to find milky/amber trichomes

    DoeEyed Well-Known Member

    A lot of strains will continue putting out new pistils until chopped, her last ditch hope of getting pollinated. As for your ladies - listen to the trichs. Chop it when they are where you want them to be, and nevermind the hairs.
    Woodland Dave

    Woodland Dave Member

    Thanks DoeEyed! but I'm still worried about why the hairs seem so orange already and the trichomes are still only a little milky. I know the hairs aren't a good indicator but I thought they should be at least somewhat reflecting of where the trichomes are at.

    vh13 Well-Known Member

    These things can work semi-independently of each other as they are mostly strain dependent I think. However, clones from the same mum will show the same relative difference between pistil and trich development, and in that sense I've found them to be a great indicator. With my girls I don't even need to scope anymore, I can tell the hour they're ready. :weed:
    Woodland Dave

    Woodland Dave Member

    I guess why I am confused is because the buds look really done, almost all the hairs are amber, and most of the leaves have died, while the trichomes are primarily clear and milky. Also my timer broke about a week ago so the light was left on all night for two days or maybe just came on a little early. Either way I think they were messed up from that. My hypothesis, with not much real knowledge about it, the light mistake slowed the trichome development because the plant thought it was vegging again but the leaves continued to die because its not like they were going to grow any more. I really don't no. I'm putting pictures up later today fo sho. Thanks!!!!

    tonail Member

    I had the same thing... No worries. Just don't chop early. Trust the trichs...

    DoeEyed Well-Known Member

    Well, here's the good news. Although buds will quit growing once all (or most) of the leaves die, they won't quit maturing. So - your trichs will still finish out, even if the rest thinks it's finished.

    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

    Thanks for explaining it I have the same problem I'm on 9th week of flowering. Its like you said all the leaves are dying the buds are swollen up and mostly milky with a little amber. So it won't hurt it if I let it go another week or so? I gave it water the last 4 watering and the run off is still 800ppm!

    DaBIGCAT707 Member

    Dont worry about the hairs so much jsut pay attention to the trichomes.. Usually heavy sativas still have white hairs, even at the end of harvest... They turn more orange during the drying and curing process.. You must remember that the trichomes are the most important part and that the plant is still alive, even after you cut it down.. Look for the milky trichomes if your growing sativa and look for more amber trichomes for more indica strains.. The reasoning is behind the THC vs the CBD %'s...

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