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New to kauai

Discussion in 'Hawaii Patients' started by Skatewish6, Dec 10, 2013.


    Skatewish6 New Member

    I just recently moved to kauai. I am a patient from colorado. Anyone have any info leads or anything that could help find some herb? Had luck right when got here but since havnt had luck..

    Jloi Well-Known Member

    dude if you can grow your own!, but sorry dude it's been a while so im of no help. I lived on Oahu for 4 years, awesome area in the world...it's heaven man! I'll tell ya what, i was the most relaxed i have ever been living there.. waking up over looking pearl harbor was amazing!

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Bummer, hard to find a hook up in Kauai. But, that's the way it is on all the Islands. Unless you have a local hook up. Stuff is not over flowing like on the Mainland.
    Go get Legal and grow. The only way to keep yourself supplied.

    Azoned Well-Known Member

    I lived on Kauai for 8 years...it takes a while to get known. It is around, but, with it being "small town"...and being new.....You get my drift?

    there is/was a person from the forums there...Tardis....Don't know if he is still there....

    ILikeKindBud Active Member

    I live on the Big Island and we have plenty! I have never been to Kauai so I can't comment on the scene there. Have you had any luck Skatewish?

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