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New to coco, help a rookie out why dont ya?

Discussion in 'Drain-To-Waste Hydro' started by SayNoToDrugs, Jan 9, 2014.


    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member

    hey guys whats up. so i am stepping into the world of coco now and here recently i definitely made some mistakes. im running into huge cal mag deficiencies and all kinds of crazy disappointments haha but i think im starting to figure out a few things that i did wrong.

    so i guess i just want to see if i can get some guys to start up some good coco talk. im about to put transplant into some coco tomorrow and i would like to try and rack up some good pointers now and maybe find out some good shit for later on down the road.

    so here is my garden btw





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    urban1026835 Well-Known Member

    i can only tell you what i do and that i am happy with it for only running coco a year now.

    i use coir bricks either cocogro or cocotek only because they seem to be cheapest in 5kg bricks. I ammend this with about a 30/70 perlite coco mix and to that i add 1 tbspoon of pelletized lime per gallon of medium. from there i rinse the hell out of my coco and then once i am satisfied i will put one last flushing of phd water with calmag added at 5ml gal to saturate it with.

    is all that necessary ...probably not but it is just what i do and i am happy with it. also i feed daily feedings of nutrients at 5.8 only flushing during transition or if i have a problem with def/tox/buildup and need to start fresh which is easy and why i love coco because it reacts to whatever i do pretty quick.

    i also grow in smartpots well knock off ones if that matters.

    urban1026835 Well-Known Member

    BTW whatever issues you were having you seem to have fixed because they look nice and healthy. okay the last attached photo looks nice and healthy lol didnt see the others but am assuming the last is after you adjusted your calmag issues?

    urban1026835 Well-Known Member

    your clones look great.

    ghb Well-Known Member

    what products do you use?

    i have been in the canna coco for over 3 years now and i have learned a lot what the plants do and do not like. i love the simplicity yet the amount of control it gives you

    your ladies look ok to me, i take it they have recovered from whatever problems you encountered?

    JKforty7 Active Member

    So far I've learned when using coco treat your nutes like a hydro grow. Coco is virtually sterile so there's no bugs, pests, and no nutrients..unlike 'charged' soil. So whatever u put into your water your plants are basically just getting exactly that. pH levels are super important, as is finding a certain level of nutes for your plants. Once you have pH and nutes dialed in you are on cruise control. Also, coco has excellent drainage but some choose to add perlite (myself included) to increase air to the roots, plus added drainage which prevents overwatering. I use a 30%/70% mix of perlite/coco. Hope this kinda helps. Just remember, if ur babies need anything nute wise with coco, YOU must add it to the feed...complete control :)

    We can't go in there all straight-eyed...he'll know something's up.
    Stoned Drifter

    Stoned Drifter Well-Known Member

    100% coco hempy 2gal bucket. i can up to 5 days without watering if i have to. GH calmagic, dyna gro foliage pro is all u need. cheap, simple, and very effective. 1ml per gal of calmagic is all that is need. read ur plant on how much to feed. if u see dark green leafs ease up on the fp. a quick flush with 1/4 strength nutes, helps as well. if u see yellowing increase the fp. i never go over 5ml per gal of fp. once you get that down you can add humic acid like ful-power, and sea kelp, and other additives if u like. ive found out that coco buffers its ph very well. before i used to spend extra time adjust ph to 5.8, i now feed around 6 - 6.5 ph, i think. haha i don't bother checking anymore and found no ill side effects. just make sure ph isn't to off and ur plants will do just fine. i hate blemishes.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member

    thanks for all the good tips guys.

    and something about the pictures really seem forgiving on the appearance of their health haha. so here is what happened.

    the bigger plants you see were just transplanted from a 3 gallon (50% roots organic soil/25% coco/25% perlite) pot -TO- 8 gallon grow bags of (50% coco/50% perlite).
    i failed to treat my coco because i did not know to do so. i did some homework on coco and discovered that the medium tends to hold onto calmag. when i discovered this it just all made sense.

    i have some compost tea im about to feed all my plants, its a different recipe than usual from the grow shop. some im excited to see how everything looks when i hit them with this tea tomorrow. im sure there is lots of nutrients in my coco still, only because its obvious that they havent been eating it due to the calmag problem. with than being said im only going to add a 350 ppm of calmag to the tea. i think the calmag is what really dragged me down for a little while.

    the bigger plants just havent been growing or showing healthy growth, especially that one in the back. im expecting some growth after this feed in a few hrs. the tea and calmag should put everything right back into gear.

    my smaller plants are in soilless coco as well but i just recently got them nursed back to health. again it all goes back to the calmag issues.

    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member

    i transplanted 4 of my little ones. im going to flower them in a week or so once they get acclimated. im hoping to see some rich growth from these girls



    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member

    hey man i like your plants, it think its awesome to see other people utilizing methods of stress training. you girls look extremely happy too, thank for sharing


    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member

    right now im using basically all organic stuff. the entire general organics line combined with the awesome power of compost tea! im using the GO line because im still a new grower and its good stuff to learn on from what i hear. the compost tea recipe is from progress earth, they make some great stuff.

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    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member


    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member


    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Earthworm castings
    hybrix molasses
    ogbiowar foiler mix
    ogbiowar roots mix
    as a main stay tea added between watering with base nutes

    coconut water powder
    200x aloe vera powder
    kelp meal
    as a foiler spray

    base nutes consist of canna coco a/b and i like keeping my ppm
    down under 500ppm and ph at 6.0 you might say thats to low
    but between the teas and foiler spray they never show any mico

    so close to being off chem nutes and on amended coco it isnt even funny.

    when brewing tea make sure the fungi in your products are endo and not ecto
    mj plant dont benafit from ecto and thus your wasting your money! Most mycos
    products are sold universal and not plant specific, just some food for thought.

    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member

    then why dont you just switch to a full organic line like what im doing?

    though im not going to lie, i have been so tempted to see what i can do with synthetic nutrients.


    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    Still researching and learning, guess its more baby steps!

    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member

    from what i understand, synthetic nutes can give you heavier yields. its that plain and simple. just like a body builder can do steroids to get bigger than the guys who dont.

    so our question is whats more important, weight or unparalleled quality?

    i want to start doing gardening outside in the future so i can grow much of my own diet, in this case i will keep my unwavering commitment to organics and compost tea. i truly believe this is the way we should all try to live

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    I could care less about yield! I want quality... And without the un-healthy crap thats in chem nutes
    aussie originals

    aussie originals Active Member

    i grow in 100% coco. i buy House and Garden brand because its pre flushed and charged and im lazy lol. i use base nutes and some bennies for healthy roots.

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    JohnnySocko Active Member

    I dunno...hard to debunk argue with the more organic leaning folks...
    I've stated this before: I can't tell the difference between Don Perione and Boones Farm, so all that white ash mantra with organics goes over my head....

    ...and all the Mohawk big bloom additives? well I've personally wittnessed 2-3 grows using simple Maxibloom, or GH 2pt stuff and saw 40z of super dank stuff off of a 150W light....I don't need to be convinced further complexity is needed...

    To each his own....still if I were you, before spending loads more on all the feel good eco-friendly stuff; check out some of the H3ads formula threads of some of the Canna Coco threads....simple methods do work

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