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New room ventalition any ideas

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by DesertStar, Jun 11, 2013.


    DesertStar Member

    I'm working with a 5. By 10 tent with 2x 1000 working that area with another 600 outside the tent as my veg area.my idea is to run boster fans through my 1000 in my tent along with a boster for intake on the tent and put my 6 in fan exiting the 15x15 room and my ac bringing in cool air. Any outside ideas ??

    joeljrscr New Member

    ? before i go out and spend money i dont have, i was wondering, i just bought a 4ft 2ft 5ft grow tent, i have a 400 ballast and a cool tube. will 2 6" inline duct fans one for exhaust one for intake, keep my cool tube cool?

    walshy0913 New Member

    i also have a new room and some vent questions..so here goes..i have 3 rooms that make an L shape in my basement..2 are 6lx4wx6h and the other is 4x4 6h..4x4 is the veg and the other 2 are flower..im not really worried about the veg room i just have a small inline sucking hot air out of the top of the room into the basement..i dont want to buy another 449 cfm fan for an exhaust for my new 6x4 room which i just constructed since ive previously only run one 6x4 room.,.so i was wondering how effective would running 2 6x4 rooms off of one scrubber and fan be..the fan is 449 cfm again..i planned on hooking up the filter in room one and running the vent pipe threw the wall to room 2 where it would connect to a t and then leave the t with a short piece of pipe to the fan and then out of room two..i will be putting a scrubber on the t in the new room to take care of the smell in there also...described it the best i could..if you have any questions or suggestions please post

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