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New plants from seeds... how much light?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by bigpapa, Jan 20, 2008.


    bigpapa Active Member

    Due to budget constraints, this is what I have:

    2 x 24in. fluorescent lights mounted over the plants
    2 x 48in. fluorescent light fixtures w/ 2 bulbs in each (4 bulbs total) mounted vertical, one fixture on each side.

    All of the lights are "grow lights" which put out more red and blue spectrum. They are all in a small 36"x36" closet with 2 shelves.

    I just planted 10 germinated seeds a week ago and have been leaving the lights on 24/7. Is this too much? Should I wait for the plants to mature a little bit more before I leave them on 24 hours per day?

    Right now, the plants are already about 3 1/4" tall.

    PKNL Well-Known Member

    best thing for seedlins is 24/0 cycle theres no such thing as to much light what you got will sifice for now but id get rid of those grow bulb they have good spectrum but you want mass blue light for veg so id go out and get the cool daylight bulbs and grow bulbs dont have as much lumens and daylight bulbs and lumens is what you want

    bigpapa Active Member

    Oh, so cool daylight bulbs would be even better than paying more for the "grow" bulbs? I think they call them plant/aquarium bulbs.
    money drugs power

    money drugs power Active Member

    i need help my seedlings have grown a 1inch above soil and i dont know how much light i should give them (i think i have a grow bulb 65watts) the plant is white widow (5females) please somone help ME!

    runsfromdacops Well-Known Member

    your going to want maybe 4 or so of the 65w bulbs i have my seedlings under a 150 hps and they love it but i have used a 150w grow cfl aswell i think they like the hps better.
    money drugs power

    money drugs power Active Member

    guys i am really new to this....you think they will do well with 65grow light and what you mean a normal light bulb i should use instead of the grow light? and i bought female seeds so they will deffinalty come out female?

    delerious Well-Known Member

    By normal lights, I believe he's talking about something like the pic below (6500K for veg).

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