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New Plant, Red or Purple-ish Stem??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by harvest time, Jan 20, 2008.

    harvest time

    harvest time Well-Known Member

    Hey. I just planted this grow exactly 1 week ago. As I checked up on it today to water, almost the entire stem of the 1 week old plant is a red-purple color. What could this be!? Maybe I dont have enough room or soil? I'm transplanting tomorrow, right now its in a cup, but no light can seep through. Thanks, please help!

    IggyZag Well-Known Member

    Hey it usually tends to be this color at a young age, its still a fragile stem..however the older it gets it may or may not change, depends on the strain itself and conditions of the growroom. This is the color of my stem right now and my plant is doing quite well I would say..it always helps for a pic or two to tell you exzactly, but by the sounds of it, things are all good:)
    harvest time

    harvest time Well-Known Member

    I know pics help, but as I said, in friends storage room so :( .....but yeah I'll try and get pics, I should be getting a Y splitter or hopefully a 3 way splitter if i can find one. Thanks for the post!

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    Does the plant look otherwise healthy?
    If it looks ok then its probably genetic,if its looking a bit droopy then the stem colour may be because its getting to cold:blsmoke:
    harvest time

    harvest time Well-Known Member

    Yeah its healthy...its all good, one of the seeds from the bag made a thinner reddish stem, the other is a thicker green stem.....but healthy plants overall..thanks

    Drr Well-Known Member

    what do you think of mine?? sorry to hijack..

    I think it started after I nuted them.. but I could be wrong.. the room has also been cooler id say over all and more air circulation now that the vegetable seedlings are out of the space..

    CANinBIZ Well-Known Member

    It looks like it needs more nitrogen, what are you ferting with?

    bw23 Active Member

    Okay guys, reddish/bluish/purplish stems=P def. DO NOT add any nutes til they are at least 30 days old. It is not genetics, b/c as you said, one of them as a green stem. Sometimes the soil that you pick will have more N in it, like a 12-6-6 ratio, so you arent getting as much P to it. Also, P can be locked out (as well as N-K) if your pH is too low or high. Get yourself a pH meter from your local hardware store, and be sure to maintain a healthy pH of 6.5-7 I like to keep mine around 6.7 Otherwise, happy growing :)

    leigHogan Member

    thank y'all, same problem... need more lights :)

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