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New on here sup guys

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ledmedicalgrow, Jun 19, 2017.


    Ledmedicalgrow New Member

    Hi guys new to this site growing in spain using bcblondes new cxb3590 DB grow lights
    John GibSon

    John GibSon New Member

    hi how you going me to i signed up about a year ago but not posted nil on i am trying to find out how to tell a group the answer to what they want to know about auto pots size i have been in on reg grows over the last 8 io 10 year but not in my crib i dont av more that 4 to 6 plants where am around i rather 4 and there always autos been doing them for 5 year at 1st was getting 4 to 5 qz best i have had was 12 oz but it depends on th the plant autos 5 year ago to now have jumped right up i standard anything you like you will find it in an auto maybe different name but you just need to find the crow i like my white widow and i like big bud now i can have then at the same time so any mate i thought i would say hi as your new and ths is my 1st post

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