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New Here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Valderogue, Mar 16, 2013.


    Valderogue Member

    2012 Las Vegas, last pics are of grow 354.jpg 2012 Las Vegas, last pics are of grow 358.jpg I just found this site and will be using it to gather info on maximazing my grow. A little of my past...My wife has been dealing with crippling headaches for 17+ years, the dr.s had her popping pills that didnt do anything to help her one bit. She got her med card and we actually found something that works. For some reason the Blue Widow strain will beat her headache into submission usually with less than a gram, many other medical strains also help tremendously. With the compassion centers now closed in our area (west coast of the thumb) we have upped our grow to include 2 tents, (2.5 ft x 2.5 ft) and (4 ft x 4 ft) both have 600 watt lights and use reverse osmosis water with supersoil base. In the small tent I currently have 1 pineapple chunk 30 days into flower, in the bigger tent I have 3 vortex and 3 space jill that will see the 12/12 cycle this coming tues. My cuttings havent shown sex yet, so Im hopeful that at least 3 of the 6 are girls. I will be posting pics this weekend and would love any info to help my grow capabilities once pics are up. I look forward to seeing what the michiganders are also growing. Thanks for reading. Single plant pic is Pineapple Chunk, second pic is 3 Space Jill, and 3 Vortex.

    delvite Well-Known Member

    welcome to rollitup, sounds good ;)

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    Welcome, good luck with your project!

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Welcome to RIU :D

    Sand4x105 Well-Known Member

    My X had migrains that would drive her into a pain frensy, I am really glad to hear you found something that works...she wouldn't try MJ...
    I can see how MJ would totally work...for fixing your womans brain... When I smoke my Horehound Strain, I feel my left Parietal Lobe, connecting to my Frontal Lobe, which bridges to my Cerebellum, then I feel it connect back to my Occipital Cortex....
    I feel a calm, relax take over my body...

    At that point everything becomes clear, and focused, and my brain says: Your pain is gone...

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