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New Growth on Buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by cmikeb, May 12, 2011.


    cmikeb Member

    I have this plant that I thought was nearing the end of the flowering cycle, but now I have theses new leaves that popped up on the top of the buds , most of the white hairs had allready turned brown and the buds had filled out quite nice since I moved this plant out of my aerogarden and in to soil under 3 cfls and a red spectrum LED. I was starting to ween this plant off the nutes and start flushing but now I thinking of putting more nutes until the new growth fills in and wait to flush. has anybody else gone though something like this or does anyone think I should keep flushing and just cut off the top.:sleep:

    sparkafire Well-Known Member

    Pics please. Gut tells me to just finish and move on. Lets see the pics first. How long have you been flowering?

    Punk Well-Known Member

    It sounds like it's 'fox tailing'. It happens. I would not consider it to be a desireable trait, but there's no harm.

    If your plant is doing this, it usually will keep doing it as long as you let it, so you shouldn't base your harvest time on the apparent state of those fox tails.

    cmikeb Member

    Thanks for the reply, after doing some research thats gotta be what it is, its weird because this bud looked ripe then all of a sudden it had some new leaves new bud growth and i dont want to wait for the new groth to ripen

    lobsterxmanx Active Member

    this is kinda what happened to me, but i let it go and it started to revegg itself.... i fuhhed up lol. but i didnt let it go past the point where the old growth was useless, just pretty amber. it just made the structure of the buds stupid looking..... anyway, enjoy your bud good sir.

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