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New Growers; info needed

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by cjewelzc, Mar 16, 2013.


    cjewelzc Member

    Let me begin by saying this is our first grow and we are not too savvy on the growing lingo but I will do my best.....

    My husband and I started a plant; she is in second week of flowing. We used LST to bend the plant vertically. This seemed to really help with the bottom bud sites, but not quite enough. I have two questions:

    (1) as the pictures will depict we started to lean the pot in which the plant is in in hopes of getting more light to the bottom. Will doing this effect the growth of the plant or roots in any defective way?

    (2) Clipping the top leaves will allow more tops to form.... We failed to clip the tops.... Is it too late in the process to do this now? If so, when is the best time to clip the tops?

    20130316_043424.jpg 20130316_043455 1.jpg 20130316_043424.jpg 20130316_043414.jpg

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    #1 it is ok to lean your pots, you only need to put them flat when you water, make sure the water isnt running off before you put it back in your cab..

    #2 you should train/clip any plant matter you want to do, before you flip to 12/12, if you do it now, you will stress your plant, slow down its growth (when you stress a plant, you need to give it time to recover, and you dont want to be stressing your tops now that you are in 12/12.. ) .. .. i think you should keep the leaves, eventually your plant will need the food stored inside them, and they will NATURALLY die off.. And for the time being, they are really helping your plant grow.. TO

    good job on the training! keep it up.

    cjewelzc Member

    Thanks for the tips and encouragement.

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    The plant looks good n healthy....may I ask why ur flowering so soon...that plant looks like its capable of some good things....trained well.....IMO the pot lean isn't necessary.... do not trim anything off it....its in good shape...leave it b n make sure it gets alotta light n should have some nice buds soon

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    U can get more light to bottom w side lights...cfls w clamp fixtures from Lowes/home dept... 20130315_060039.jpg 20130312_082834.jpg just use ur imagination and u can swamp that thing w light

    Sand4x105 Well-Known Member

    Yea, do all of your messing with the plant in Veg [18/6?]...
    Now that you put her in Flower [12/12?]...let her do her thing...
    If you cut off a bud site [topping plant] at this stage, you will have one less bud IMO...
    I try not to in the last two weeks before I flip switch:
    Fim/clone/top/defoil/pull leaf... my plant told me to leave it the F alone...at that time...

    prosperian Well-Known Member

    Thatboy, your grow looks like the lighting department at Lowes/Home depot! :mrgreen:

    Good advice to the OP, couldn't resist the poke!


    Figong Well-Known Member

    This is where you and I differ... I'd wait 18-21 days into flower.. then take 12 clones from the flowering female, establish a root system, then re-veg -> re-flower for squatty bush-type growth with tons of shoots.

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    I live literally like 90seconds from a Lowes...ha

    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    Its very convinient...ha

    waterdawg Well-Known Member

    Most people would advise not to do anything when switching to flower but if it works for you keep at it. I just did top one out of 6 plants as it had out stretched the rest by 8" 2 weeks into flower and it has now actually fallen behind the rest. I think I should have just tied it down.

    To get pot quicker I would think lol. I grow from seed at 12 now and it has increased my yields by being able to move things in and out quicker. In saying that I grow more than one plant and do a SOG type grow. With one or two I would probably veg a bit.

    Figong Well-Known Member

    Monster cropping is a solid technique if you're patient enough to wait for re-veg.. then re-flower, etc.. definitely extends the time and is why clones taken off of things flowering need a lil' extra time in that department too. I do not advise doing it without being willing to experiment, and take the time to let it do its thing, was just mentioning that's how we're different. :D

    cjewelzc Member


    cjewelzc Member


    thatboyis1uvakind New Member

    Cool....plant looks good

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