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New grower, using CFLs

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by new2420grow, Jul 12, 2013.


    new2420grow Active Member

    Hey guys.. and ladies...I'm currently on my first grow,(bagseed), using CFLs, for the space and money, it's the best route for me. I'm about to build another box and start my second grow with some autoflower seeds I ordered. Currently, I'm using the spiral bulbs, but I just saw some that screwed into the socket, like the spiral ones, but they are small tubes. Are these as good, or better? I was thinking that these might be good for my side/lower branch lighting if they have the same or better output, as far as in how well they help the plant grow. I appreciate any input from the gurus. Thanks!

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    I use em


    30W eaqual to 150W I think, 1650 Lumens, them I use is in 2700K and cost like 6$ or so, and I use em as side lightning, they are the same as the spiral once, but shaped different ..

    in general, with all tube`s/fluorescent light, is that they is strongest at the middle of the tube/spiral, and once they begin to get really dark at the ends its time to changes em as old bulbs/tubes can loose up to 30% intensity/output

    also in general, keep em close, according to my light meter you need to keep em with in 2-4 inch`s for strong light at 4-10 they still provide ok light for lower growth, but after 12" my light meter don't even get a reading

    hope this help some


    TheDude0007 Active Member

    those type of bulbs are fine only one issue for you, 2700k's should only be used to flower. You need 6500k or 5000k for veg and then use 2700k or 3000k for flower. Also try and get your wattages as high as possible in your space and I mean if you have the space and you can control the heat the higher the watts the better. I am vegging under 1X 105watt 6500k spiral and 2 X 48 watt 5000k bulbs (like you have above) currently. good luck bro.

    new2420grow Active Member

    Thanks! That's what I was looking at. I found some 65 watt for 10bucks each at Lowes

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    no problem, use em in a 3-1 ratio (2700K/6500K)

    mycomaster Well-Known Member

    That's a good deal man. They also have really big spirals as well at 65-68W that are either 2700K or 6500K, at the Lowes by my house. The ones Slipon has are better coverage and have better light distribution I.M.O. though. Good luck with your grow man, Peace out.

    Nuikala Well-Known Member

    i use 21 23watt cfls in a 3x4 grow room, and a 2 bulb t-8 fixture. LOTS of light but really hard to put it where u want without 20 cords hanging. 40 000 lumens of cfl power lol.
    Definitely use side lighting with cfl. Those tube bulbs are a little less efficient than the spiral cfl's. your most efficient lumens per watt is the 23 watt(100w equiv) spiral cfl bulb. 1600 lumens for 23 watts. Im growing 5 bagseeds, a white widow, the church, northern lights, a sour diesel, big bang, an auto speedy gonzales, and an auto NYC under the 40 000 lumens. they are doing well.

    Unrelated, but one thing i noticed, dont know what it means, if anythning, or if anyone else noticed this....Buds grown under CFL are usually a little less dense(everyone knows that) but just as frosty and they always have really LOOONG hairs on them, compared to a plant under HPS. Ive noticed this on TONS of vids ive watched and whatnot. its always more 'hairy' than the same strain under an hps. In a few months i will be able to compare for myself lol.
    Keep it real

    siq Active Member

    like Nuikala said, 23w will be your best bet. just because it has more wattage, done really mean better. them 65w will have major heat spots and can cause your temps to be random. 23w dont push much heat and easy to cool. I though that with 42w and i hate them. but i use them cuz i already bought them. i only have 3 42w left, outta all my 20 cfls, the larger wattage ones seem to burn up faster, or something happens to where they stop working. ive had no prob with 23's
    Sampson pimpson

    Sampson pimpson New Member

    Looking for advice from the wise... while I've had prior grows, cfl's are very attractive and for more than one reason...what im using. Currently, five 23w 1600 lumens equal to 100w per bulb. I shopped for the 6500k and ended up not finding and opted to use the five listed at 5000k. I also have a side light unsure but seems probe closer to 2700k. Should I use these carkeys in my sweaty hand or will 5000k list above get me through my veggie? Currently 18on/6off and used foxfarm grow big one time....second application is tomorrow.two plants about 11inches tall God bless for any tips.... I know you don't get paid for this shit....not in the dollars of man... love makes money look like paper anyway!
  10. Those will get u thru veg just won't be as productive as all 6500k. Maybe veg a week longer or go and get sum 6500k. For veg I'll use 14 26watt 6500k and 2 26watt 2700k to give me a total of 416w. Good to have a little mix of spectrum
    Sampson pimpson

    Sampson pimpson New Member

    awesome help bro thanx. Ive began flower 12/12 and currently have one 68w 4200lumen /2700k, and seven 13w 1200lumen 2700k on them. Taped up some mylar on my walls and ceiling, six of the small bulbs are within 6inches and the 68w (300w=) about 2inches on the sides. Do you have any suggestions about if id be better using more? Also, I still have those 5000k's should I use a few and as I assume yes... what are the benefits? God bless you for taking time from your day to help. “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit” - Nelson Henderson

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