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New FoxFarm BushDoctor Nutrients =D

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Bwpz, Aug 11, 2012.


    Bwpz Well-Known Member

    FoxFarm has added 2 new nutrients to their BushDoctor lineup.


    Boomerang is a comeback formula, formulated to revive plants that are stressed from drought, salt build up, or general neglect. Boomerang is a microbial based formula that heals root tissue and provides organic nutrition that will ease plant stress and encourage new growth. It can also be used as a supplement during your plant’s vegetative growth cycle. Flowers Kiss is a foliar spray micronutrient supplement for early flowering. This fertilizer provides organic calcium and micronutrients directly to your plants’ leaves to help ease the transition in between veg and flower and encourage a healthy, robust flower set. 100% organic ingredients.

    They'll be hitting the shelves mid-fall. There are some places on the internet to get some, but it's not worth the price :P

    420n00b Active Member

    I'll definitely check out the boomerang. Their sledgehammer is awesome!

    Bwpz Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I can't wait to get some :P

    Doggonewild Active Member

    I did more info on these

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