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New 400w hps and Ecoplus timer dont work?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Greengoof, Aug 2, 2008.


    Greengoof Active Member

    Ive been growing using cfl's but the box i made it had very little ventilation so it shocked my plant and burnt it pretty bad [Big Bud strain]

    it was a very sad day. ....2 weeks later a 400w hps showed up at my door woot! then i went down to the local hydro store and bought a timer Ecoplus its called. put it on and it stayed on for 24 hours ouch in flowering =( . shut it down manually and tried to fix it....couldnt fix it. then it worked correctly for one day. i dont want to keep arcing the light just to turn it on. thats not good for the ballast i was told.

    So the big jump from cfl to hps was a shock in itself but now it just like destroyed 4 weeks of flowering and my big bud strain is still yet to produce significant signs of ne bud. it has white hairs on all the bud sites but no real bud. i stuck it outside to maybe help it a little since it was flowering from 7am to 7pm . is there something i dont know or am i doing something wrong ??

    the timer is working i believe i just maybe am not following the directions clearly which was thrown away on accident, [wife] however its not a hard concept to grasp. please save my money trees. ne advice wil be greatly appreciated on my end...thanks to all who can help.

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