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Neem oil spray

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by cinandme03, Jun 16, 2013.


    cinandme03 Active Member

    I've just had my second fatality using Neem Oil ready to use spray! 2 months ago, I had a bug prob and "cured" it with Neem oil; only after suffering a loss. I noticed the leaves began to get very dark and droopy and dried! I rinsed off the spray but it was too late! She had taken too much damage too quickly! She was a white widow :( Now, the same has happened to another; a white berry widow! Is this a genetic trait of the white strain? How hard can it be? I mean, spray generously to underside of leaves and stalk and branches and tops of leaves, top of soil and container with Neem oil. It almost killed my Blue Dream and Space Bomb as well as minor damage to a blue mystic. WTF!?

    dl290485 Active Member

    If it's just neem oil and a surfactant (helps break water surface tension) then it's not poisoning your plant or anything like that.

    If it is the spray damaging your plants, it will only be from spraying your plants under a high heat/light environment- as in if the same compounds were applied in the dark or with the light further away then it would not be damaging. But is this what is happening to your plant? It doesn't sound like it.

    Have you grown many plants before? Would you know what a Nitrogen overdose looks like if it occurred? What i'm asking is, do you have reason to believe it's this neem spray and not another aspect of your grow?

    pewbsaladsandwich Member

    I spray my soil top with It all the time have not had any problems yet

    spandy Well-Known Member

    It's obviously something you did, because I use neem and only neem (einstein oil) and never have plant issues or bug infestations.

    Gotta put it on healthy plants in the dark, though. If your plants are sickly, then many things that would of been okay to use otherwise can have adverse effects.

    cinandme03 Active Member

    I've grown about 20 plants/ 3 cycles. I isolated the plant from the rooms and applied the spray outside and returned inside and kept her in quarantine without lights anywhere near her. She was a picture of health before application. N abundance wasn't the issue either. Have done plenty of research and have some experiences with abundancies and deficiencies and bugs an rot and mold. Hasn't harmed my other plants either. A quandary.

    cinandme03 Active Member

    Not a total noob, thanx. Never spray anything on the foliage with the lights on; wait 'till after lights out or a couple hours prior to going on. The plant was a healthy plant of 8'' and much foliage. Have heard others say it's damaged theirs as well. Just 'cause it hasn't happened to you, doesn't make it impossible.

    dl290485 Active Member

    It's just that you are the very first case I am now hearing about- that makes me wonder since i've heard of a lot of people using a lot of it. Added to this, you also said it's pre-mixed- which eliminates the possibility that you are using it in some kind of dilution that other people aren't using. Is there any other chemicals added to your pre-mixed spray that aren't neem or a simple surfactant?

    cinandme03 Active Member

    I'm not sure.

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