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Neem Oil ?'s

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by eLLisD, Oct 13, 2006.


    eLLisD Well-Known Member

    I just went to Lowes and bought Green Light "Neem Concentrate". I was hoping someone else could guide me in the right dosage path. Do I have to dilute it or can I use it as is? And I just spray underneath the leaves like 1-2 times a day for a few weeks?
    Lothar of the Hill People

    Lothar of the Hill People Active Member

    The bottle says "concentrate" so you've likely got to dilute it. Check the label for the right ratio of water. Some spray bottles come pre-labelled with marks to make various concentrations, they're pretty great for stuff like 40:1.

    I apply neem by sprayer as a single application, done 3 times in the cycle. Application 1 is during veg, right before flipping to 12/12. Application 2 is when they reach their flowering height and are starting to form buds. Application 3 is 2 weeks before harvest. I spray all surfaces. Never got bugs or mold with this regimen.

    Good luck!
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt spray it on the buds unless you have to. Maybe thats why your bud get you so loco Lother. lol.
    Lothar of the Hill People

    Lothar of the Hill People Active Member

    The buds are where the PM starts, so I feel the neem is necessary. At the point I mist the buds, they've got 2 weeks left of watering and light, then 2 weeks of drying, then 4 weeks of curing. By the time they're getting smoked, the neem is long gone.

    I come by the loco naturally. :-?

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Yeah, Neem Oil is just that, 100 percent Neem Oil. A typical use is 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per gallon. Warm water will mix with the oil easier, and put a couple drops of dish soap in the spray bottle, too. It's acts as a spreader/sticker.

    Hey Lothar, my neem spraying schedule is about the same as yours, except for the last spraying.

    Important general rule: Never put your girls to bed wet.

    eLLisD Well-Known Member

    Alright cool.. I forgot to put the soap in the spray bottle so Il have to do that later. Some of my leaves at the tips curl down like a claw.. Some of my leaves are real shitty looking like a dark green with light green towards the edges and brown and all this bullshit. it looks like fucking shit. I dont know what the hell I am doing wrong. I have transplated them several times also. Could it be my seeds? They are outdoor seeds, they were over a year old when I germinated them... When they were first starting out I had them in my basement for a few weeks which is pretty much mold/spider heaven. After my 400hps came i moved them upstairs in my clean closet. Anyways good thing this batch was just practice. I have my good blueberry seeds waiting :). But now I know what to do RIGHT on my next batch. And what NOT to do; for the most part. I could go on and on, I got a lot of questions about my plants I just have no PIX!!! And I know if I had pix you guys could help me. All I can say is "motherfucker".

    eLLisD Well-Known Member

    But my one girl (i hope its a girl) looks very pretty for the most part. But she sure does get me excited when I see her tight little mary jane ass.

    bogi Active Member

    Well after that comment you better damn well hope it's a guy or you're gonna have to face your sexuality :mrgreen:

    xXxBaByImBlaZinxXx Active Member

    where can u buy neem oil???

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    Uh maybe at Lowe's??

    xXxBaByImBlaZinxXx Active Member

    lol my bad i just reread this thred and kinda caught myself on that one... blonde moment

    xXxBaByImBlaZinxXx Active Member

    o0o0o shit duh my bad that was definatley a stoner moment lol

    ebno Active Member


    groprofosho Well-Known Member

    neem is the best. I notice huge growth spurts after i spray my plants, even when they are not infected with bugs. Neem will naturally be destroyed by the UV light after 2 weeks, so i use it on all my plants all the time except during the last 2 weeks of budding. It will make your plants shine. I think it helps retain moisture as well. The great thing about neem is that its beneficial for humans and is used in modern health care in the middle east, and only affects the bugs that feed on your plants. It can also be sprayed or watered in with your rootball to help prevent root rot. It can also be put in the res and used as a systemic. the plant will absorb it and less sprays are therefore necessary. I spray mine about every three days because i have so much new growth all the time. It will take a while to get rid of bugs because it doesnt kill them, it dissuades them from eating, prevents mating, changes their hormones, slows their behaviors, and deforms their larvae. Because it acts on so many levels it doesnt selectively kill like many pesticides and will not therefore create a superstrain of resiliant bugs.

    canigirl Active Member

    leaves going down and yellowing can be over watering...also check the ph level in the water you are using. use a water meter to determine when to water.

    RobFatty Member

    I heard that when you use neem oil, spray when the lights are off? Is this true?

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