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Neem Oil, mix rates, application rates, experiences

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by sherriberry, Jan 25, 2010.


    sherriberry New Member

    Curious who has used neem oil for spider mites and such, and im going to try and create a format to keep this organized.

    first - what percentage (70, 80, 100%) and brand of neem oil did you use?

    second - how much did you mix per how much water?

    third- how often did you spray it on your plants, or did you dip them in it?

    fourth- did it harm your leaves/plants?

    fifth- any other tips or secrets?

    thanks everyone

    BeefSupreme Active Member

    The label has how much you use. Mine used 20ml per Litre. Spray them twice within a week and make sure you spray the WHOLE plant. Under the leaves, EVERWHERE because you have to kill the eggs too. To prevent them ( or help kill them now) you should do a combination of lowering your temperature and increasing your humidity. Both of these make it harder for mites to live

    Medfarmer54 Member

    :bigjoint:I have had some problems with whiteflies in my garden-I tried a spraycan of pyrethrin-no help. I tried Safer insecticidal soap-little help. I then bought a little jug of neem oil,made by DynaGro. Followed the directions at 1 1/2 teaspoons per quart(6 tsp. per gallon)- next day,I had so many leaves burnt looking and falling off that I thought I might have ruined all my girls-funny thing,only the lower and inner leaves were affected-all the top and outer leaves looked fine-and only one type(snowbud) was affected-the others-G13 and Mango-were totally unaffected-STRANGE! After a few days,all plants looked good-but whiteflies were back at it again. So this time,I cut back to 4 tsp. per gallon-and made it a gallon of Safer Soap-made it from concentrate-this time,no leaves were affected,and the whiteflies seem to be pretty much gone-though today I did see a few,so will spray again tonight-I do think this mix will take care of business. Also,you should spray when your lights are off-I do it when the lights just go out-so they have 12 hours of no intense light,which will help keep the leaves from burning.
    I hope this helps you out brother....:bigjoint:

    sherriberry New Member

    what soaps do you use and how much? i forgot about mixing with soap, thanks for mentioning that.

    daisydobey Active Member

    can someone tell me how much soap, how much neem to add to 1 gallon water? and can i use any kind of liquid soap?

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