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~Need To Know About BHO~

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by CrownMeKing, Aug 11, 2011.


    CrownMeKing Active Member

    Im new to BHO and im confident that i can make a quality batch. I plan on using the honey bee extractor and i was wondering how much oil you estimate i can recieve out of an OZ of nice quality Ganja. Ang how much butane cans should i use on just an OZ?

    stronggenetics Active Member

    About a can can and a half. A 20 percent payback is what one hopes for.So about 5.5 g's? Only use 5x refined butane I prefer vector (JMO) Good luck!
    A few reminders...
    Remember to use parchment paper or an oil dish not wax paper.
    Wear a glove
    Don't flick your lighter in your pocket(or have one around)...lol
    and Be safe
    A lot more but im tired lol
    i'll be running a qp of sugar trim in the morning. Im excited

    CrownMeKing Active Member

    Thanks for helpin me out you convinced me to make it cause 5 g's souns pretty damn good. a QP would be crazy goodluck with that haha. i got a plant now if i was to make bho with that would i put the whole plant in or just the trim?
    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    When you say 1 and a half cans do you mean 15oz. of butane for 1 ounce of bud? thats way too much vector. remember they sell it in XL 10 oz bottles. Most butane is sold in 3-5oz bottles. for 1 ounce of bud I would recommend to use only a half can of vector at the most. OR 1 full can of a smaller can premium butane such as Colibri. The more butane is filtered the more pure it becomes. Only use premium butane with little to no impurities, those are the least poisonous and will leave the least ammount of residue on your oil. Also don't use a PVC extractor , the butane will make it realease toxins. Its best to use glass, or if not glass use aluminum or steel.

    BE SAFE!

    wanabe Active Member

    wtf u should use like 1 and a half cans u can rerun it

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    St. Verde is your man.
    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    rerun? the gas extracts THC best when it comes out cold and pressurized . and where the butane goes in on the extractor its just a tip, like a nipple . The best way to make sure all the butane has evaporated out of the oil, its best to put it on parchment paper and then use a vacuum purge pump. get the pressure to -25hg. Or I was thinking a penis pump might work too, becasue its the same concept. But your penis pump might not work wannabe, because its too small...
    For more info watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za26ntAaeWc

    wsf Member

    Wait, whats the parchment paper for? does it keep the oil from sticking to the dish or something?
    edit: nevermind i watched the video, he just collects it on the paper for the vacuum thingamajig
    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    don't use wax paper or foil. it will stick. Parchment paper works the best

    Canon Well-Known Member

    Blow it right into a Pyrex dish sitting in a hot water bed.
    Add a shot of favorite booze to the dish for cleaning.
    Use the buds to clean and dry / cure buds. (Black Sambuc is nice)

    Easy as falling off a log.

    lovebud420 Active Member

    P8191135.jpg when i have an about an oz of trim or more, i run two cans through that shit and shake up the tube in between cans to get all the oils i can out of that batch of trim. in my opinion 5 grams per oz of trim/bud seems a bit on the optimistic side lol, i get more like two grams per oz, but its so damn pure all it takes is a tiny tiny glob. i recommend heating the hash oil after the butane has all boiled/evaporated off while whipping air into it with a safety pin or whatever, not too hot, low heat, you should be able to touch the dish its in for a few seconds without getting burned. do that for about twenty minutes and then turn the heat off and let it cool down, you should have more of a peanut butter/butter consistency that's much easier to handle than that thick sticky mess that you get before you apply the heat and whip it. also i've heard that when you do this you cook out any remaining butane impurites
    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    hot water will only remove a majority of the butane. The only way to get all of it is to vacuum purge your BHO. The more you purge, the more of a THC concentrate you will have.
    click here for the extraction experts http://www.extractionexperts.com/Products.html

    lovebud420 Active Member

    buy one of these extractionexperts tubes, it seems like a bit much considering what it consists of, but its well worth it, the thing basically pays for itself the first time you use it.
    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    The extraction experts have the perfect sized 50 micron screen. Don't buy thier vacuum purge it is WAY too expensive like 150$. you can make your own check it out bro. the theory is to create a vacuum inside a container causing the butane to bubble out of the oil

    This method doesn't require heat (though it does help speed things up if it is warm) and ensures that all butane has left the oil.

    Personally I still purge on a warm dish because I do multiple runs so the oil sits for a while.

    Once the oil starts to thickin up I begin the vacuum process.

    On to the tools. A vacuum sealer or hand pump one will not get the pressure you need. The best tool is a mighty vac hand pump found at most automotive stores, used for bleeding brakes.

    [​IMG]This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1200x900 and weights 636KB.[​IMG]

    Now there are a couple different methods. You can use a mason jar or just create a lid for the pyrex dishes. The smaller the container the better as there is less air to pump out.

    I created a lid using a piece of plexiglass and rubber. The vacuum pump comes with a suction cup which is perfect for this. I simply drilled a little hole in the center.

    [​IMG]This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1200x900 and weights 690KB.[​IMG]

    then you just pump away. Here in CO i've only been able to get up to 21 and it's takes a lot of pumping.

    at sea level you should be able to get it to 25 or 26.

    [​IMG]This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1200x900 and weights 684KB.[​IMG]

    I usually purge for roughly 30 min. and will release the vacuum and pump it back up twice.

    [​IMG]This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1200x900 and weights 709KB.[​IMG]

    slight warmth is nice at this point as it will make the oil more viscous allowing the butane to escape easier. The main benefits of not using heat are that the color will not be affected (oil darkens with heat), you aren't decarbing of the thc or cannabinoids and the oil maintains a more consistent and presentable appearance. Often butter is due to to much heat, though I have come across many a strain that auto butter.

    Canon Well-Known Member

    Keep it warm for several hours and you don't need the fancy shit.

    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    Warmth will only take you so far. Yes it works, but it doesn't get rid of ALL the butane. When you smoke your stuff its gas your smoking. Its going to snap crackle and pop when you take a hit,

    Canon Well-Known Member

    Friggin bull shit.
    Clean Butane and it's good.
    NEVER had snap crackle pop in my oil,,, ever. Bullshit.
    Want to get fancy for the sake of fancy, that's fine.
    But to generate wrong impressions for whatever reason is simply wrong.

    Perhaps,, you did it wrong or,,,, miss-guided. But you're way wrong.

    You wasn't trying to use Ronson were you?
    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    Well how many different ways have you tried to make it? You can call it fancy if you want, but its less whipping, less time , and less work. And also its a great way to purge ALL the butane out. Expanding the extract seems to help it realease the butane faster and more effectively.It smokes better. You don't have to try it, but don't say its bullshit. cuz its not.

    Canon Well-Known Member

    Needing a pump for "Snap, crackle, pop" IS bull.
    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    When you smoke a bowl, it sounds like kellogs rice krispys

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