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Need to fine tune my plan so I know what equipment that I need.

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by Erdnase, Mar 13, 2013.


    Erdnase Member

    Hey all

    This forum has helpd me greatly with my plans so far. I have saved up some dollars for my equiptment and just need to fine tune one last bit before I start.
    I am planning to grow an autoflower perpertual harvest that once set up will only have a max of four plants flowering and 1 plant drying/curing. After the system is up and running assuming Im using an 8week autoflower variety I should have one plant every two weeks to smoke (hopefully with a yeild with 14-28g)

    Now I know what I need for my flowering grow tent after previous posts.

    Now my problem is my supply of starting plants. I dont really want to purchase loads of seeds as this will be expensive and I am quite liking the idea one just keeping one seed plant for one/two cycles and saving the seeds. Apprantly one cycle should provide more seed than you need. Obviously if the I use seeds that I have produced there is no gaurentee the the seed will be female, so I will need a seperate tent for sexing the plants (a period of 21-28days I believe) before I move them into the flowering grow room. IF my assumption is correct how many seedlings on average would I need to grow to get a single female to transfer to the flowering room every two weeks?

    Would cloning be a better option? I am not to familar with clones ATM. Would I be able to take a cutting from my mother plant every two weeks. Or would I need to grow more than one clone mother plant?

    At the moment I know I will need another box for either my seedlings or my clone - My main aim is keeping the number of plants down. Once I know this answer I can decide if perpetual is the way to go or just the simpe good old method :)

    fandango Well-Known Member

    Try saving a female plant as a mother plant weather you start with a seed or known female clone for sure...
    This way you can grow perpetual.

    ilikecheetoes Well-Known Member

    you need to do A LOT more research. but yes you can clone every 2 weeks off a mother. I find that you can clone weekly but the moms gets stressed and weak much sooner which is fine if you replace your mothers a lot, but im lazy and like to keep them alive longer so I do 2 weeks.

    jimmer6577 Well-Known Member

    You can't clone an autoflowering strain as you mentioned you would like to use. This is because of their traits. The clones will just finish up at the same time as the (mother). I put mother in () because you really can't make a mother out of a autoflower strain. They are bread to grow flower die all withen a time period. So your only options would be to seed out your own or buy seeds if you wanted strickly autoflowering. This info is from my personal research on them to grow some this time around. I have also read where you can get equellevant results with 12/12 seed to harvest with better quality. Good Luck!

    LockedOutOfHeaven Well-Known Member

    If you want to do a perpetual harvest you need to go with photoperiod plants. If you try this with autos there are too many variables which could screw things up/take longer/etc.... You will have to start from seed with every plant. I suggest you pick a short flowering photo plant grow a mother and just take clones. Harvest 4 at a time instead of 1. The 4 should last you 8 weeks and then you have 4 more. It would be a lot more reliable IMO!!!

    SeeRockCity Active Member

    hey man, I started my perpetual in about October.
    out of the 8 or so bag seeds I started with...only one made it to harvest...
    many were male.... many got burned by my lack of knowledge and attention...

    After I got 'the hang of it'
    I purchased $100 worth of feminized seeds from SeaofSeeds...(w/ stealth shipping...way cool how they do that)


    I now have 3 White Widow in Flower
    and in veg I have:
    Bubblegum auto
    NL X SK (x2)
    CH9 - Jack
    Sweetooth Auto

    same as you are wanting... I sprout 2 seeds or so every week and a half to two weeks.... so in the end I am hopefully harvesting at least one plant every two weeks...

    I will note that the auto seeds DO NOT do good under 24/0
    I had to switch to 18/6 to make them grow efficiently.

    and that being said...I'm not a huge fan of the auto strains...
    it's more for people looking to grow for profit...not personal...

    I only planted mine because they were free with my order...
    I would whole heartedly suggest trying a standard 'classic strain' with as much punch and or yield as you want...WW. Kush. AK. NL. et al. (and a lot of those are 5 for $25)
    and when you want to flower...just switch your lights to 12/12 <---- also known as Nature's auto flower!!

    Erdnase Member

    WOW - thanks for all the quick replies.
    I know I need to do alot more research. Basically I want to get a enough yeild to leave me with around 14g of dried bud per week (I feel this isnt too greedy and as mine should be a little better than most street product, 2g a day should be plenty for me). If I give some more point I am wondering if people can help me decide which route to go down and then.

    My main concerns are legal issues - I need to post in the "legal Eagle" thread. But basically I only want a maximum of four plants flowering at one time (I feel in my country I will be able to explain this amount as personal usage!). so who votes for what system?

    * A normal grow which will yeild enough until my next harvest (may have two tents so as soon as they are ready to flower, I can put the next batch in to veg)
    * an autoflower perpetual harvest using purchased seeds
    * a normal grow with clones (to stop purchasing seed)
    * a perpetual grow using non auto flower photoperiod plants and taking clones from a single mother plant (which I would assume I need two room, one for veg and one for flower)

    Thanks again for the help! These answers combines with my legal answers (after I have done my own research) should let me know what system I am using.

    Ideally I want to grow to support my smoking and never have to by product again.

    jimmer6577 Well-Known Member

    By far the best way would be to perpetual grow with nonauto's. That being said if it's just for personal you would propably want more than 1 strain. I know if I smoke a couple of 0's of the same strain straight it won't effect me the same as it did to begin with. Just something to take into consideration. That and the fact your a little worry about having to many plants sitting around, I'm guessing you don't want to much end product around all at once also. If this is the case I'd research the auto's a little more. From what I've read and heard from friends they have some out with pretty high thc count and decent yeilders. This would cut down on the amount of plants going at once dramaticly. You would only need one place for all. I even think the 4 total plants could meet your requirements. Unfortunately you'de have to purchase seeds but you could get several strains so every harvest you would be smoking something different. I hope this helps and Good Luck I thought about the 12/12/ seed to harvest. You would still have to buy seeds but they are cheaper. Then you could still get away with 1 tent still be withen your four plant limits if you went with indica dominate strains. I really don't know much about this but there are a couple of threads I've seen about that on here.

    Erdnase Member

    hmm as much as I dont want to admit it the auto flowering needing one tent with 4 plants meeting my requirments sounds like the best. I could possibly go for perpetual non autos.

    Yes bang on target- I was think perpetual may have been better initally as I wouldnt of had alot of end product in my house at one time.

    going to do some research based on number of plants in my country and then decide which is best for me!

    AND as always thanks for the replies.

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    if you want seeds force a hermi all seeds will be female and you can experiment with your own crosses colloidal silver and gebberic acid <~~~ spelling ? are commonly used to force hermi's aswell as silver nitrate and somethin else silver dont remember there used to develope pictures

    Erdnase Member

    Thanks for the info tekdc911 - definalty something to keep in mind depeniding which system I choose :)

    LockedOutOfHeaven Well-Known Member

    Wow tekdc you need to stop giving advice!!! If you are a noob please dont tell people what to do. Erdnase do not listen to this person. They are giving you advice on topics they know nothing about! Do not force your plants to hermie on purpose. Worst advise i have ever heard!!!

    LockedOutOfHeaven Well-Known Member

    It is colloidal silver!!!

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    how do you think they make feminized seeds ? why would you not want this info spread you work for a seed bank or something ? yes the plant is wasted and yes this is how you make a feminized seed crop not advice Fact rofl you correct my spelling when you first jumped on my nuts you spelled advice like this ~~~~> advise smoke a joint and climb off my nutzzzzz pls sir

    just remember nobody likes a grammar nazi on a stoner forum its bad form sir bad form

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    better yet just keep giving 10-15 bucks a bean and ill sit back and keep planting my 400 seeds or so from one plant that cost 15 bucks and maybe 20 bucks for the silver and i can put the money i save on the light bill or something are you a moderator or something ? knowledge is free buddy

    LockedOutOfHeaven Well-Known Member

    Help you want there bud!

    Erdnase Member

    just finding out some legal info and I will update this thread if im going auto flower :)

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