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Need to change my lights on time from day to night.. help please..

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by fizzleschizzle, Dec 7, 2017.


    fizzleschizzle New Member

    Hi guys/gals.

    First time grower/poster. Running a recirculated hydro system in clay balls. 600w hps. 4x4 tent. 4 plants. Under a scrog. I'm about to flip them to flower.

    I'm currently on 18/6 - lights on 6am to midnight. But my rookie self didn't foresee the heatwave we are having and I have lights on during the day with soaring temps in the tent.. I want to go 12/12 from 9pm to 9am lights on. Off during the day to help with heat..

    What's the best way to transition this when I flip in next day or so? A longer period of lights on or lights off to get me in the right zone.

    Any advice appreciated.

    evergreengardener Well-Known Member

    longer lights off

    fizzleschizzle New Member

    Thanks for the speedy reply. Appreciate it!

    Craigson Well-Known Member

    YA just do a longer off. Some ppl actually recommend a long off period to start flowering anyway

    fizzleschizzle New Member

    Thanks - I flicked them off last night - will give them just under 24hrs off and then crack into 12/12. Cheers!
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