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Discussion in 'Organics' started by Noahp123, Mar 14, 2013.


    Noahp123 Member

    Alright, I got a plant thats 6 weeks into flowering today, and is now showing phosphorus deficiency. Could somebody tell me a quick source of phosphorus thats organic. I know I could use fish bone meal or rock phosphate but I'm not sure they would break down quick enough to be absorbed before week 8 or 9.

    The strain I'm talking about is papaya, first time growing it so I'm not real sure how long it'll go, looks like 3 more weeks. I am sure it is a phosphorus deficiency.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    use an organic tom feed.

    Theirs instant (small amounst) in liquid ones. No good me adviseing as i aint sure if your EU-USA or elsewhere

    Biobizz bloom is stong in P (N 2 P 6 K 3.5)

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