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Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Malevolence, Nov 30, 2012.


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    I'm looking to order some genetics for my 2nd grow, but kinda having a hard time on what to pick. I only have room to flower 4 plants in my DWC closet. Since I can only flower 4 plants, I am trying to decide between 4 feminized seeds, or a more expensive pack of 10 regular seeds from something like bodhi/dj short/mr nice.

    My first thoughts were
    GHS super lemon haze
    HSO blue dream
    G13 white widow
    and some purple indica

    HSO blue dream is sold out, and the Bodhi dream lotus looks tasty as fuck but it's $70 for a pack of 11 regular beans. If I were to go with the dream lotus I would probably veg/sex 6-8 beans, kill the males and flower the girls... and I would only have 1 kind of shit to smoke.

    So... it comes down to this... Bodhi Dream Lotus or Blue Tara
    - or -
    4 fem 20$ beans pick n mix: GHS super lemon haze, some type of good blueberry or blue cross pref sativa, some type of white widow, and something purple indica. I will probably order from attitude. The G13 labs white widow looks nice but I don't know if Dinafem would be better or some other breeder.

    Also, is it normal to get small brownish grey seeds? I was expecting nice fat mature tiger striped beans last time I ordered, but I got small little grey fem seeds from G13, Serious Seeds, and Dinafem, and only the g13 sour ak germed.

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    I ordered a few packs of Bodhi seeds from the tude a few days ago. I ordered his Dream Lotus , White Lotus, Goji OG and TGA Ace of Spades. I live in Nor Cal and have grown out the Blue Dream clone that I picked up from a collective a few years back and loved it. I am hoping that the Dream Lotus leaves me with strong mother with a nice blue dream dom pheno. Most everyone who has run Bohdi seeds has said it is fire.

    I haven't grown GHS Super Lemon Haze but people do say it is one of the better strains that GHS has to offer. I was just too disappointing by there Super silver haze that I ran to try them again.

    Good luck choosing your beans, I would go with the blue lotus if I were you!
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    Thanks man, I actually grabbed a pack of Dream Lotus.

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