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Need seeds or clones in los angeles area

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by Beverly Hills, Jan 17, 2011.

    Beverly Hills

    Beverly Hills Member

    if anyone can help me out with finding some nice hardy easy to grow strains :leaf:

    bajafox Well-Known Member


    mak Active Member

    please dont post your street name in your cig next :)..lmao just fucking with you.

    but u should be able to find some great strains in your area on weedmaps,as bajamed has said.

    in LA..LBC and OC there is also some great strains,
    Beverly Hills

    Beverly Hills Member

    haha Beverly Hills is as specific as ill get. kindda funny i didint even make my name Beverly Hill there was some glitch when the password was reset.
    i found a great connect for some trainwreck. thnks!

    Shangeet Active Member

    There are many sites to find proper strains in the LA. I personally think The Weed Seed Shop is the best place to buy cannabis seeds online. They have already provide me a large selection of high quality marijuana seeds that are exclusively sold in LA at the Weed Seed Shop! With their extensive selection of cannabis seeds they cover a complete range of marijuana strains. From the cheapest feminized marijuana seeds available anywhere in the world to the most refined connoisseur strains money can buy! All seeds are individually selected by hand by their team of expert growers and any cracked, broken, crushed or immature seeds are ejected prior to posting. As a result they can guarantee their customers the best possible quality cannabis seeds! I think it will be your perfect match. :D


    rjl Member

    EARTRHEART COLLECTIVE - Long Beach, has clones of good quality. 562-396-5356
    collective gardener

    collective gardener Well-Known Member


    On Ventura between Laurel Canyon and Coldwater. I picked up Super Lemon Haze, LA Confidential, Trainwreck, and NYC Diesel last Sunday. Look at the growing shoots on the clones very carefully. A couple of mine aren't looking too good. Try to pick a clone with definate light green new growth on the top. And, of course, fungacide the shit out of them prior to letting them into the grow op. Trust no clone.

    djruiner Well-Known Member

    great pitch...you work for them?...and normally copy and paste info from other websites to try and make sales?....http://www.abc-directory.com/site/4569360
    stealth grow 11

    stealth grow 11 Member

    do you know the price range for clones and pre flower

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