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Need insight on making brownies help!

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Crawdaddy, Jun 7, 2013.


    Crawdaddy New Member

    I'm trying to figure out how many grams of mids I need to put in the oil/butter per batch of brownies as well as how many brownies I will produce. How many grams for a weak high? Medium high? On your ass high? I plan to get an ounce of mids and want to maximize the amount of brownies I can produce

    BuddyKushing New Member

    How are you processing your medicine? You should always start by making sure that everything is chopped/ground/blended/etc so that the medicine is now in a powder form. You will need about 28 grams of medicine to one stick of butter, if you want the brownies to be really strong. One stick equals one half cup. Most brownie box mixes call for one half cup of oil, but you can use the medicine butter in its place, and the brownies will have a better taste as well.

    I personally use a small muffin tin to make my brownies, so that they look like brownie bites. I usually get around 30 bite sized brownies this way. Each brownie bite will have a consistency, just under one gram of medicine per bite. One gram is usually equal to about one rolled joint. Start with the stick of butter in a pan with one cup of water. When the butter has melted, and is floating on top of the water, but the water ISN'T boiling, add the finely ground medicine. Keep at a low to medium heat, ensuring that it never boils. Just watch carefully and allow to simmer for roughly 45 minutes, occasionally stirring. A little longer won't hurt. Remove from heat, and with a fine strainer or cheesecloth, not a colander, slowly pour the butter water and medicine into a glass bowl. The medicine should become trapped in the strainer or cheesecloth. If in a strainer using the back of a spoon, squeeze the remaining water/butter out into the bowl. If cheesecloth, simply wring and squeeze the remaining out into the bowl. Throw the used medicine away, you've already removed the medicinal properties anyway.

    Allow the bowl to cool at room temperature so that it is no longer steaming. When this happens, transfer the bowl to the refrigerator. Let bowl sit for at least 4 hours in refrigeration. Remove the bowl 4 hours later, and a layer of green butter will be resting on top of the water. Carefully push down on one edge of the butter to remove from the bowl, and throw the water away. There may be more medicine resting on the bottom of the bowl, but again, it isn't any good. If you would like, you can remelt to strain the remainder of the leafy medicine stuck to the bottom of the butter patty, but it's not a big deal.

    I just melt it down in the microwave, add it to my favorite box mix in place of the oil, with the required amount water and eggs, bake, and like magic. You have medicinal edibles. After eating just one, wait about 40 minutes for the effects to start kicking in before trying another. This is very important!! You can't overdose on marijuana, but it can sure make you feel like shit if you've had too much.

    If these are too strong, try using less medicine. Like half of a third the amount suggested above. GOOD LUCK, and Happy medicating!! ;)

    I'm off to make some of those myself!!

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