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Need help with making hash with rubbing alcohol

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by jamesmadison, Nov 22, 2008.


    jamesmadison Active Member

    I heard you can make hash using rubbing alcohol, does anyone know how and what you need??:weed:
    buggs bunny

    buggs bunny Well-Known Member

    just shred all all the stuff yuor gonna use and put into a pot then pour the alc over the top of your stash stir it around let it sit for a hour then pour everything through a small wire strainer into a flat cookie tray put a fan blowing across the surface of the tray so that the alc evaporates wait a day or two then scrape up whats left with your visa card .

    SOorganic Well-Known Member

    U want to put ur stash in a mason jar and then cover the bud with the highest proof rubbing alc u can find. Shakeit up once a day and open it once a day as well. Shakeit for a minute, open it for a second just to let all the pressure out. Do this for a week not an hour. And i suggest u use a coffie filter, not a wire strainer. FIlter it on to a glass plate and let evaporate, which could take up to 2 days. But if u want to speed things up rig a blow dryer so that its pointing at the plate and it will dry overnight.

    SOorganic Well-Known Member

    But in all seriousness, iso hash is just nasty. It taste nasty and it will give u a head ache. I seriously suggest making butaine hash, its much much faster to make, taste waay better than alch hash and is about as potent as it gets when it comes to hash.

    STATUS18 Active Member

    Why? So he can exrtact the chlorophyll from the plant matter as well and make some of the most disgusting hash ever? :roll:

    You only need to soak the plant matter in the iso for as long as it takes for it to turn golden. As soon as it starts to get darker than that you've started extracting the chlorophyll which will do nothing but make for a much harsher product in the end.

    Budsworth Well-Known Member

    If your after good hash you got to get bubble bags cold water extraction. If your a small grower like me just buy the 1 gal. bags for 100.00 you get 4 diff micron bags that deliver high quality hash.:blsmoke:

    submachinegun Well-Known Member

    definitely better than refining your plants with nasty chemicals.
    P.S. i love you

    P.S. i love you Member

    The alcohol evaporates and the rest is just gooey goodness! Only shake and wash for 15-30 seconds MAX. Any longer and its shit. Use vapo duff, garbage to gold!

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