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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by youngbux, Sep 28, 2010.


    youngbux Member

    hello everyone. i wasnt sure where to put this thread so it may get moved. anyway, if anyone has any advice that would be nice. i have used the whizzinator before and passed a drug test with no problem, however it wasnt mine and i no longer have access to it. ive also done drinks and masking pills etc and have had excellent luck believe it or not. however, i do not like the suspense that comes with drinks and masks. i like using clean urine, and that...i do have access too.

    so i want to make a home made whizzinator. im not sure where a medical supply store is, nor do i have money to spend on many supplies.(i dont have a job thats why im broke, but this is a drug test for a job)

    i have condoms, so im thinking that is what i would like to use.i have read that someone used a condom and put a safey pin in their pants to puncture the condom.
    i will go spend a buck or two on hand warmer from walmart.

    i guess my question is more about how i should attach the condom to my leg or grundle etc. and if you have any better suggestions or modifications than by all means feel free. thanks for the help. maybe oneday they will take mj off the test... then i wouldnt have to worry about a thing...

    HowzerMD Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about when a condom full of piss breaks in your pants as you walk in to take the test :D. Funny stuff.
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    Nullis Moderator

    I know, it sucks and shit but you can't cut back to once or twice a day and then just not use any cannabis for four days to a week? How long until the metabolites are undetectable in your urine obviously depends on how much you indulge, how much fat you have, and your body metabolism; but in my experience with drug testing (a 150 lb male who is apparently just active enough) it doesn't take longer than a week of abstinence. Especially in conjunction with getting plenty of fluids the day of the test and giving them a mid-stream sample, more than likely you would pass. Then you could get the job, and your tolerance will be bottomed out so you'll get super baked the next time you smoke.

    Just consider it is all. If you absolutely can't stop smoking for a few days, then go on play with your condoms and good luck to you.

    youngbux Member

    thanks for the advice. its not that i cant stop, i already have, but i havent been excersizing lately, and i doubt my metabolism is high right now. im 5'11 190 its probably going to take more than a week to leave my system. plus the job is too important to chance it with my own piss. like i said, ive passed several times with drinks and masks/pills, but every time has been so much more stressful than the time i used a whizzinator with clean piss. if you walk in with fake piss, go in, do it, and get out...thats it. ur done. i gotta get the job first, we'll see. if this thing ends up dragging out a couple more weeks i may dilute.

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