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need help w/ home made grow room

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by rilo, Aug 3, 2007.


    rilo Active Member

    What up folks,

    I am slowly purchasing different items in order to build my first grow room.

    On my first grow i plan on using 2 water farm bucket systems for 2 plants. I am building a grow bow that is 4'w x 2'd 6'h, The reason i want to build a grow box is because i am usinng a 6'x 8'utility closet that has no outside ventilation to store it inand also sothe younger members of my family wont see a plant in their hiding place. . i want to include space for lights, venting. etc. in the de sign for the grow box.
    There is also a hot water heater and central air unit in the closet i thought might affect the plant if the water farm was not inclosed.

    in looking for less expensive parts for my grow box i have found a bathroom ventilayion fan that i would install in the grow box . Is it to big for this smaller space ?

    I am also running a 3" flex duct directly from my central air duct system in my home directly into the grow box. Isw this to much air for this space?

    I found this canp light in my garage and was wondering if it will be suficient to start two small plants for my waterfarm hydro. system?

    I plan on nrunning a 400w HPS for flowering stage.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. i have pics of items in question


    I am going to buid a grow box 4l x 3w x 4h if you agree.

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    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member


    Gygax1974 Just some idiot

    Four feet is cutting it close, you're using CFLs though so it might not be a huge issue.

    Ethnobotanist Well-Known Member


    Gygax1974 Just some idiot

    He has to stealth his kids play in there. I was thinking along the same lines as you until I read that

    pandabear Well-Known Member

    not sure how this would play out but you might be better off just tellin the kids that you just found out that it is a hazzard to be in that closet with all water heater and stuff and that you had to keep it locked for safetly or by law or somthing. obviously you will have to go out and by a new door knob that has a key lock on it and install it on the door.

    pandabear Well-Known Member

    also i would use the 400W the whole time

    MRMEATY2008 Active Member

    :joint:I too am starting a crop its my :joint:first time, I am starting with the 400 :joint::joint:hps light. but I have a closet it is a walk-in its about 3ft 9in by 6ft is the light I'm using going to be enough?:joint:

    MRMEATY2008 Active Member

    I too am starting a crop its my first time, I am starting with the 400 hps light. but I have a closet it is a walk-in its about 3ft 9in by 6ft is the light I'm using going to be enough?
    mr west

    mr west Well-Known Member

    that will be plenty if u can keep ur temps down dipending on how many plants ur planning on growing:joint::mrgreen::joint:

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