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Need help thinking of buying a airbox intake please help!

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by capitnkush, Nov 5, 2017.


    capitnkush Member

    Hi I have two 8x4 tents and I want to bring air from outside to inside I was thinking of getting the airbox 2 stealth 800 cfm and splitting into both tents with two separate 6 inch fans , one for each tent, cant decide if that's the right size or if I should go with 2 air box jrs the ducting is going to go 5-10 some info would be great, I would honestly rather go with the airbox 2 instead of the airbox jr

    vostok Well-Known Member

    the deal really is to use the passive air in your room

    in most cases its winter coming on

    that cool air once warmed will raise humidity

    that will become a mold issue

    sucking the air from your current room

    then blowing it out the vent outside is the best practice

    good luck

    capitnkush Member

    I already do that, my room temp gets to 85 degrees in the flower room with the fans on full blast I was thinking of bringing cold air from outside in and exzausting out until its at like 70 degrees and I will have a enviormental controller with my demundifier and my fans hooked up too it

    capitnkush Member

    just trying to avoid buying a ac , I recently bought one it was a 8k btu and I used ducting to vent it into my grow room but it only got down to 77 even with a booster fan

    deno Well-Known Member

    Are you drawing fresh air in from your house? Not sure where you're at. Turn the thermostat down. If you're in an area where it's still warm, bringing in outside air would be okay. Is it 85 at the plant tops, or is that ambient? 85 at plant tops is borderline, but workable.

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