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Need Help! Best Choice for Fluorescents in a 4 x 2 box

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Turbine, Jan 30, 2013.


    Turbine Member

    Currently in the process of crafting a 4 x 2 box for vegetative growth of my plants. I cannot use an HID lights for this setup so I need to choose my best option for fluorescent tubes.

    I already have 3 4ft T8 fixtures each with 2-32W Daylight (6500K) bulbs used on my previous grow with decent results.

    I could use two of those (each 4ft long by 1ft wide) to have 4-32W T8 bulbs which puts me at 11,000 Lumens (1375 lu/sqft). I have read various different things about the amount of lumens needed per square foot so would these lights be sufficient for what I need them to do? Otherwise my only other option is going to HO T5's

    Given my space I could go with a 4ft 8-Tube T5 setup giving me 40,000 lumens (5000 lu/sqft) but that would cost around $200.

    The 4ft T8's I already own have seemed to do alright in my previous run, with about the same conditions. Is that adequate? Or would spending the $200 and increasing my lumens output be the way to go?

    Thank you,

    slim83 Well-Known Member

    i would spend the money on the t5 you will be a lot better off than with the t8

    Turbine Member

    Yeah thats what I'm thinking too. Would rather spend the money now rather than suffer through slow growth with the underpowered lights.

    Can anyone shed some light on the minimum, preferred, and optimal amount of lumens per sq ft would be in my situation?

    48in x 24in x 30in box
    Fluorescent lighting
    Mylar throughout

    Thanks again

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