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Need feedback on first grow that had a lot of early challenges.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by greenmonster15, Jan 22, 2013.


    greenmonster15 Member

    This may be too vague of a question because of all the differences in genetics and phenotype but I'd appreciate any FRIENDLY feedback. I'm trying to determine how all of the issues, stress, and imperfect growing conditions have impacted my first grow. Here are some pictures of my first 7 ladies.
    MMJ 1.22.13 (2).jpg MMJ 1.22.13.jpg


    • Other than the obvious leaf discoloration and damage, do you see anything unusual?
    • It seems like the branches aren't growing out very far. Could this be normal or is it likely due to the less than perfect start.
    • Are there enough branches to take cuttings from these?

    Strain: Jilly Bean, Sativa Dominant

    Grow History:
    These were rooted in rapid rooters, then placed in a tote with hydroton and an aeroponic setup. It was going to be temporary until my UCDWC was ready. Needless to say, they are still in the aero setup.

    Lights are a T5 2' by 4'

    Week 2: Mg/Ca deficiency from not addition supplement to RO. Humidity was below 20%
    Week 3: K lookout from adding too much Mg/Ca supplement and super high PPM. Humidity was below 20%
    Week 3: Early root rot from high res temp and light leak. Fixed light leak and started adding H2O2 and the roots are now fine. Humidity was below 20%
    Week 4: Early Spider Mites but treated immediately. Leaves got burnt from spraying leaves during lights ON. Humidity raised to 40-50%
    Week 4: Fimmed
    Week 5: Everything seems to be dialed in. PPM is at 300-400. Res temp below 70. Humidity is 40-50%. 18/6 light cycle. Roots are white.
    Week 6: Same as week 5


    I was going to use one or two as mothers but I'm not impressed with the shape of them. I will probably clone, FIM earlier, transplant to soil, and bonsai prune to bush them out.
  2. too much stress on those plants, cull them and start again, with more knowledge this time.

    majek Well-Known Member

    Well it may be possible to save them if you really want to, but the best thing to do is reflect and learn from the mistakes so you won't make them again. This thread was a good start :)
    To answer your questions, they look stretched from lack of light and the dark branches/stems are a sign of zinc deficiency they should be light green.
    The branching is just a genetic thing some plants branch out more than others, but you have a few you can work with if you want to take cuttings.

    DOMSWOOZ Well-Known Member

    There was deff alot of over feeding involved in this, this um experiment. But set-up looks promising start fresh. with a little more research. always down for questions.

    greenmonster15 Member

    Thanks everyone. I think I am going to take cuttings and start fresh. I should have time to finish up my UCDWC setup in a week or so and get them under some stronger light.

    greenmonster15 Member

    My T5 was 5"-8" from the tops of the plants. Should I have just placed it closer or is that just not enough light, period? I have a 600 and 1000 watt switchable ballast that is going to be used in the UCDWC room.

    Knowing that, what would you recommend I do once I take these cuttings? T5 until rooted and then 600? The hoods are all air-cooled, so heat shouldn't be too much of an issue to put the small plants underneath.


    majek Well-Known Member

    Only take clones from the longest and healthiest branches and put them under the 600w as soon as possible. T5 is fine for small cuttings but you want more light once they take root.

    Krondizzel New Member

    How strong exactly? 1000w?

    cobra28widow New Member

    Can you take a better picture of the stems? are they purple? its too hard to tell from those pics.. If you want shorter plants with more branches then leave the light on 24/7.. They stretch a little during the dark period.

    cobra28widow New Member

    I leave my lights on 24/7 and foliar feed almost every day and Ive never burned my leaves while under any fluoro light..

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