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Need an indica strain

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by thccrow, Jan 2, 2013.


    thccrow Active Member

    I love sativas for their clear and uplifting buzz, but have 2 grows for Eldorado and kali mist. I am looking to grow some indica or maybe a hybrid, I want it to be a nighttime smoke. But I don't want a super couch lock, something relaxing and yet clear headed as I can get. Thanks :clap:

    StewartWarner Active Member


    Robfather Active Member

    Attitude seed bank gets some strong reviews here. Check them out. Hell, check out the whole Seed and Strain Review section on the forum. Certain Kush crosses have exactly the type of stone your looking for but it's all about preference. Good luck dude

    MaineWeed Active Member

    godbud or better yet grapegod which is godbudxgrapefruit a super yeilding strain with a kick

    themanwiththeplan Well-Known Member

    dutch passion's master kush kind of falls into the category your talking about. its definitely indica in effect but its fairly clear headed for an indica. its pretty decent night time smoke.

    in an order i got from attitude i picked up a pick and mix world of seeds afghan kush x black domina...that seems awesome to me...cant wait to grow it out.
    Jer La Mota

    Jer La Mota Well-Known Member

    Dinafem Power Kush or Sweet Deep Grapefruit, maybe White Siberian.

    beuffer420 Well-Known Member

    Dude I have an afghan kush white widow cross I'm rocking from world of seeds, its an amazing structured plant! Grows on the slower side but its a beautiful lady. Haven't flowered yet waiting on Ed rosenthals super bud to come out. I always wondered about their gear so it was nice it came as a freebie.

    so as far as the thread question though, I really found la confidental to be relaxing but once again we get to a real real slow veg. Flower is cool though minimal stretch and decent producer too.

    yesum Well-Known Member

    I use GDP and Maple Leaf Indica for this purpose. If I am tired then yeah they will put me to sleep. If not, then just a neutral buzz without too much fogginess. If I have some energy then I can get motivated for a bit after smoking.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    well, try sour cream then. it has a euphoric buzz on the stony side of mids like skunk #1, blueberry and masterkush, but with a crazy delicious cream cheese with hints of fruit yoghurt flavor that make it the only "indica" (stony hybrid) i can tolerate.

    you might REALLY like jack's cleaner 2. unlike kali mist for sure, and from what i can gather about el dorado, it's trippy for real and can induce visuals! it does have a little bit more stone than i like, but it's functional and the stone is very euphoric with a warm body glow that really heightens the sense of touch. i found myself massaging my arms and chest on it just because it felt so good and laughed my ass off when i noticed i was imagining invisible ripples of tie color where i was touching. i didn't watch any movies on it, but i bet it makes them seem more real. it's my current favorite strain, and would take it over just try and sit still on it clearheaded kali mist any day. you know, if you'd like a similar but less racy than KM buzz in a much faster finishing strain, try C99. i like that better than KM all around, but it's still too clearheaded and motivational without the fun sensory effects that good trippy weed has.

    i was REALLY impressed with CH9 jack. it looks like a straight up compact indica, but is low odor and surprisingly, not too stony. it does have some body weight and thump, but it's still potently euphoric and functional. i'll be running it again soon to test it further and take better notes, BUT, i've seen a lot of reports of CH9 hermies. i didn't get any in my jack, but i'll keep an eye open for it. i hate pure stoner bud mind you, so if you're a sativa head, it sounds like about exactly what you're looking for, but cleaner 2 is much funner to me. i really was all set to hate CH9 jack, but really liked it. it was overshadowed by trippier sweet haze and jacks cleaner as well as seriously fast budding, but respectable generic haze smoking sativa trans-love as well as my own pride and joy, fruity booty 1.0 (super cali haze x C99).

    mandala's 8 miles high is really nice. it's energy neutral and mellow with a playful euphoric buzz with slight psychoactivity you can do whatever you want on whether it be activities or chillin' out. i call it a perfect 24/7 strain. all it does is add euphoria and precise body control with enough sensory heightening that it loves music and dancing.

    i love kali mist and tried to score it for $120 for an eigth, but compared to mellower and especially trippier hybrids, it's too one dimensional and totally lacking in the trippiness i thought all sativas had before trying it. i've gotten trippier buzzes out of mexican brick. if i ever want to run a marathon though, KM is the best.

    thccrow Active Member

    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    nirvana short rider gives me the kind of high u are describing. really nice buzz but i can go about my business. it's the only variety i can smoke and still
    go out in public.. it does not leave me looking for the couch. GL
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    pulease... DO ME A FAVOR... do a smoke report on JC2 and tell all the trolls whether i'm full of shit or tell it like it is about a strain. i want you to call me out if i steered you wrong there, but i know without a doubt, JC2 will make you grin from ear to ear and if you're naked with a lady... you'll see. ;)

    thccrow Active Member

    attitude is out of nirvana short rider ! dang it says its discontinued. I has fem but if I like I would want to have seeds for later.
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    why not order directly from Nirvana? GL

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