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Need a low odor strain

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by SixMoreDucks, Jul 5, 2012.


    troutie Well-Known Member

    green-o-matic didn't smell really (smoke was a bit dodgy tasting, but the high was "ok") ... pineapple express and Critical Jack auto's we're massivly smelly, however i'd grow both again in a heartbeat... really nice product

    SixMoreDucks Member

    I am trying Auto#1 in my first grow then moving on to other low odor strains. Got lots of good suggestions so far - many varieties to mull over. Anyone else find a low odor auto strain?

    PattyWagon Well-Known Member

    Sweet seeds Moham Ram. Odor was there but not over powering. Good yield with superb smoke.

    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    Chiesel.... lol


    PaulN'Chuck Well-Known Member

    violator kush. Pink pheno. Smelled like flowers after cured. Like roses or tulips. During he grow was very unnoticeable

    5ourdiesel Member

    grow anything purple for low odor, pure indicas usually smell way less than sativa. bubba k would be great too with low odor. also keep your humidity way down. invest in a cheap humidifier and be sure to empty the water down the drain. you will be amazed at how much odor the water catches. i found a bomb LG dehumidifier off craigslist for like 50, it was 300 brand new and works perfect.

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