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need a canadian seed bank

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by dwight smokum, Aug 28, 2012.

    dwight smokum

    dwight smokum Active Member

    that sells the original sensi ak 47..my bank stopped allowin transactions from great britain.(attitude)..horseshit.

    alux92 Member

    http://www.vancouverseedbank.ca/ Is the site I use most of the time but there is this place I have personally visited this place http://happygirl.ca/new_catalogue_index.htm and they are amazing people to deal with in person. I'm unsure as to if they sell sensi ak 47. Your best places to look are vancouver and kensington in toronto (kensington is where the hippies are at)

    stumpjumper New Member

    I think you want serious ak47.... the real deal..

    TheMan13 Well-Known Member

    Not sure where you live, but Toronto's sacredseed.com has them along with a brick and mortar store you could visit. Serious Seed's AK-47 that is ;-)
    dwight smokum

    dwight smokum Active Member

    yes i should have said serious seeds. thanks stumpjumper.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member


    Hemp depot. They are in Canada. You need to get an international money order for them. It is a pink money order from post office. I am not ordering seeds this whole month. It's already the 28th, my withdrawals are not that bad anymore. I only have a few days to go. Anyway this is THE BEST place to buy TGA beans also. a 10 pack is $75. Like a sore dick, you can't beat it.
    dwight smokum

    dwight smokum Active Member

    vancouver seed doesnt take a debit card and theyre out of ak 47

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    Sea of Seeds can probably help you. My bank doesn't allow that shit either, but I call and ask to ok a one-time international purchase. They aren't worried about you buying pot seeds, they are worried about someone using your debit card for fraudulent purchases, then THEY have to repay you your money. With both my banks, it's routine in the seed purchase process.
    Whatever it takes smokum, whatever it takes.
    dwight smokum

    dwight smokum Active Member

    i called once and then physically went to the bank. to make a long story short they said no.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    Use your debit card to load pre-paid visa that allows international purchases. Several of us use them.
    dwight smokum

    dwight smokum Active Member

    sea of seeds got turned down also..................where can i get a pre paid visa that allows internatinal transactions?

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure I used my walmart one. I just looked up history to double check, and don't have an order on this one, but it isn't that old. I am pretty damn sure I have used them before though.

    Geronimo420 Well-Known Member


    Geronimo420 Well-Known Member


    Geronimo420 Well-Known Member

    About Canadian seeds bank : they only accept Money Order, Email Money Transfer, Cash No credit card. If you still want to do business there the most recommendable one is : http://www.gtaseedbank.ca/index.html
    dwight smokum

    dwight smokum Active Member


    treetopmmmp Active Member

    Just mail the money (with tracking of course) to Attitude
    or one of the other many places that accept money in
    the mail. Check with them first to see what kind of money
    orders they take. Down here we have the pink International
    ones from the post office but they might want something
    different from your country. I've personally never had a
    problem sending cash to reputable places but I prefer
    money orders do to potential postal thieves.

    Also, Kindseed.com takes credit cards but their Euro seeds
    prices are a rip off. They are fine for Canadian seeds but
    I personally wouldnt spend the kind of money they want
    for the European stuff. If you are hell bent on using your
    credit card, they are an option. They are based in Canada
    and have a physical store so I doubt the bank is going to

    dwight smokum

    dwight smokum Active Member

    thanks treetop. called attitude one more time and on the way to walmart to get money order and get this over with. fk the debit card..i'll check out kindseed.
    dwight smokum

    dwight smokum Active Member

    money order is on its way to attitude. will have some ak 47 by thanksgiving....yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!
    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member


    Windsor Star
    Downtown Windsor goes to pot with new seed*store
    November 22, 2012 @ 1:42 pm › Claire Brownell

    Windsor’s new downtown business sports marijuana leaves on its sign, an oversized poster of a marijuana plant inside and a mural-sized price list for its only product — marijuana seeds.

    On Thursday morning, customers walked in, inquired about various strains and were invited to peruse a catalogue. If the store doesn’t have something a customer is looking for, Danielle Capin, a 25-year-old Hamilton, Ont., woman who’s running the store with her brother Joel, said she can get it within a week.

    In short, Seeds for Less on Maiden Lane is selling the seeds to grow an illegal drug as openly and casually as Home Depot sells geraniums. How can they do that?

    To Capin, the question is amusing. In the greater Toronto area, where her brother owns another location of the store, there are so many other places selling marijuana seeds that nobody bats an eyelash.

    “Out there it’s saturated. Everybody’s already doing that,” she said. “Out here it’s something new.”

    Capin said the business is not only perfectly legal, it’s not even promoting illegal activity — i.e., growing marijuana for recreational use or sale on the street. She sells the seeds to people with medical marijuana licences or as novelty items, she said.

    “In Canada, if you have a licence, you can grow marijuana,” she said.*”We’re not trying to promote illegal things.”

    But Windsor Police Sgt. Matt D’Asti said the Capins had better take another look at the Controlled Substances Act.

    People with licences to grow medical marijuana are supposed to get their seeds from Health Canada, he said. It’s illegal for anyone else to sell seeds capable of sprouting, whether it’s a compassion shop — a store that sells marijuana and seeds for medicinal use — or a drug dealer.

    D’Asti said police are consulting with Health Canada and researching the issue. If police decide to pursue the matter and test the seeds to determine whether they’re viable, Seeds for Less could be in trouble.

    “Compassion shops have no right to be selling marijuana seeds or products to people with licences,” D’Asti said.*”We will be definitely monitoring the store for any criminal activity and, if warranted, charges will be laid.”

    As for what neighbouring business think of Seeds for Less, Downtown Windsor BIA president Larry Horwitz was diplomatic.

    “They could make the downtown a little more interesting. They could attract a good crowd. But we don’t know enough about it to really say,” he said. Horwitz promotes attracting a more diverse mix of entertainment and retail downtown, but admits this wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. “It’s certainly not the direction we’re going in.”

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