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need a bit of advice regarding ec

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by dan245876, Jan 1, 2013.


    dan245876 Member

    ok background 1st, im currently doing my 1st hydro (flood and drain( grow. im using dutch pro bloom, exolode and multi total. using liquid silicon as well as ph up and down as and wen i need it. the dutch pro chart reccomends an ec of 2.3.
    a few weeks ago my ec was 2.4 and has been slowly rising since. ive been following the feed schedule and just today i pretty much emptied my resovoir then filled it up agian but after all the nutrients it was at 2.9.
    my plants look healthy and everything so i was never really worried before but 2.9 does seem too much and im probably only 14 days or so from harvest.
    so 2 questions,
    1. should i lower the concentration of nutrients and get the ec down to the reccomended amount?
    2. do i do anything for harvest flush etc?

    all input greatly appreciated like i said this is my first go at hydro just trying to not stumble at the final hurdle.

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    Wow, that is high. I never go above 1.5.

    xmax Well-Known Member

    yes they're not eating anything now. thin out the mix and let them finish. keep ph from dropping too low is all.

    dan245876 Member

    superstoner, the feeding chart reccomends 2.3 so im not massively over it. im assuming that differant nute companies reccomend differant concentraions, what do u use out of curiousity?
    xmax, i always make sure i keep the ph ok (ive been told this is the most important thing). what would u sugguest; half concentration or to just get the ec down to the reccomended 2.3?

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    Never use the recommended recipes on nute bottles. Start at least at half and go up. I used to run over 2000ppm with no problems but I get better yields with not going over 1000.

    dan245876 Member

    half the ppm = more yield? that sounds kinda backwards to me. sorry to sound like a noob but can u explain how that works? also how do you determine how much nutes you use?

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    The plants can only use so much properly. I determine how much by reading what the plants have to say over many, many harvests.

    mountainboy Active Member

    Truly a noob response...lol, SS1 is right,start 1/2 strength and work your way up if you must. I am guessing you hv a messed up ec meter, my grows have never seen ec that high and they never will. Cant believe there not showing a lil burn.

    ilikecheetoes Well-Known Member

    lucas formula maxibloom 7g/g on RO water gives me about 2.3. then Protekt to bring the PH up gets me somewhere in the 2.6 range. I just started this straight maxibloom thing and its working pretty well. I normally wouldn't be at levels that high with any other formula.

    Sir.Ganga New Member

    With two weeks to go I would start bringing the nutes down. I flush my girls with straight water with about 10 days left. These folks are correct about your ec. Their are actually two different ranges/scales with using ec, so be careful. If you work in ppm communicating is a lot easier with most folks.

    Most manufactors of nutrients know the tolerance level of their product and try too run you right there... with their instructions, this is in part to make you use more of their product. Experiment a little usually a ppm of 1500 is more than enough for most strains in full bloom, knowing your plants is critical to using high concentrations of nutrients and a good leeching cycle should be implimented also

    Good Luck

    htidwelshy Member

    I'm also using dutch pro and Honestly, ignore the chart, It killed my last crop, In hydro I'm now starting at 0.5 and slowly increasing it, this is only my second grow so my knowledge is very limited but, I saw it happen, and as for the additives (multi-total, explode etc) start at 1/4 of recommended dose at MAX, due to not knowing much I'm not sure if it is the nutes or not but they seem to burn plants very easily, Good luck :D

    Just realised the dates, Hope it's not too late :)

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