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Nectar for the gods????

Discussion in 'Organics' started by skunkytreez, Jan 31, 2013.


    skunkytreez Member

    I have the whole advanced line of Nectar for the gods. I was seeing if anyone has used it and their experience. I have heard mixed opinions just no one that has used the product has left their input. Thanks for the opinion

    DirtyDiesel Member

    I jus picked up the soil mix today n a couple of the bloom nutes.. From what I hear its an ex-employee of the roots organic lineup.. Rumor is he left n put this lineup together.. Hear great things ready to see..
    Sticky Lungs

    Sticky Lungs Well-Known Member

    Nectar of the Gods (Harvest Moon) was created by the guys that own the store, Constant Gardener in Springfield, Oregon. They had someone they were working with who was basically some scientist type. Thats what I knew about them, up until about 2009. I still use their lineup for feeding plants around the house, but have moved on to a all in one type soil, so I just dont use their bottled nutes much anymore. But its the best bottled nutes I've ever run, thats for sure.

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