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Natures nectar

Discussion in 'Organics' started by personal lux, Mar 11, 2013.

    personal lux

    personal lux Well-Known Member

    first off ill say that there is a new line from kyle kushman i cant wait for but until then here is what we have.

    with naturesnectar n-p-k series you can control your individual n-p-k values on there own! along with a single micronutrient additive or a whole line up of singles! all organic AND vegan. to add to this line i suggest, humax humic acid, bio ag fulvic, hygrozyme, OGtea prepared microbe tea, a three part root innoculant incuding, mycro(subculture m), bacteria(subculture b), and ascophylum nodosum(bioroot)(bioweed), , and add OGtea for an immediate pre brew microbe tea promoted by kushman himself. enjoy.

    trichmasta Active Member

    I've run Natures Nectar along side with a strict aact regimen and things came out amazing!! Ran it almost triple during peak veg and bloom with NO burn!! Now I have been adding to my teas based on stage of growth...

    no poop FTW!

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