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My White rhino grow 2.5 weeks into flowering

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Pestor, May 20, 2010.


    Pestor Active Member

    Hey, bought a new grow tent and dusted off my old lights etc and got my green fingers back into action. I use an NFT tank 205 fits two plants, ionic nutes and a 250w hps but I have a 400w hps for late flowering, probs last 4 weeks for financial reason lol. Tied down mid way through veg and left it either too tight or too long cuz the growing tips especially the less developed plant has turned into a ball of growth. But no worries it caused alot of new growth from the bottom of the plant that will even it out. let me know wat you think. One plant is less developed than the other I think this is probs cuz the pump is hitting the closer plants rock wool and its hogging more nutes.

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    pothead09 Active Member

    hi looking good mine are geetin there now loads of new shoot will be putting them into bloom in a few weeks

    Pestor Active Member

    Good stuff, my plants are completely different. One is shorter especially between nodes an is developing quicker think The more indica plant will come down week 8 the other week 9 or 9 an a half depending on the trich's. Will update with a few pics from 4 weeks into flowering wasn't much change this week but can see the beginning of crystals around the budsites, looks like its gonna b a white july lol. Can't wait to find out if the high from each plant is different. If i cut them down separately i probs won't get to flush the early plant :-(

    Pestor Active Member

    Well the shorter one which started off looking a lot better has stopped growing lol the other one is massive! I'm just over 4 weeks into bloom so changed over to my 400w light but had to stick the carbon filter outside the tent that was a pain lol. Will get the pics up tomorro they're looking well!

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