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my stressed female turned hermie and pollinated other plants. wut will the seeds be??

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by gunnjabsgrow, Aug 19, 2010.


    gunnjabsgrow Active Member

    ok i had a big bud female in 12/12 for 4 or so weeks then i realized i had a light leak from my false ceiling. it turned MADDD hermie and shot out tons of male flowers.
    a week or 2 before it went hermie, i add an ak48 and another big bud female in the growroom. the big bud was right beside the one that turned hermie, the ak was a few feet away. the big bud got pollinated and has tons of seed pods growing on it, and the ak only has a few.

    what kind of seeds can i expect? will they be all female seeds, or maybe 50/50 hermie/female???

    i am sure the big bud that went hermie was stressed from being in a small bucket (less then 1 gallon) for the first 2 months of growth, then i didnt measure and keep track of the nutes i was giving it (i didnt over do it, i just didnt measure and be careful like i used to). then it was on the side of the room that would of got the light leak beaming in.

    the hermie is cut and just the ak and big bud that it pollinated are growing.

    Grizzdude Well-Known Member

    Well they should turn out female but you will find hermies throughout the grow.

    gunnjabsgrow Active Member

    hmmmmm i wonder if it even worth growin out the seeds. i hate hermies.
    i am just letting these finish cuz i have nothing else on the go, and i planned on making hash out of them

    wyteberrywidow Global

    If it was a stressed hermie that pollinated the bunch i would say most of the seeds would be fem seeds being that it was not originally a hermie but stressed to a hermie.
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    ILoveKushandCheese Member

    What he said. As long as you dont stress your plants you should be fine....

    Grizzdude Well-Known Member

    The hermis will still pop up, keep an eye out for them if you decide to grow them.

    varscience21 Member

    I had this just happen to me thanks for the info guys.

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