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My somewhat unorthodox grow room.

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Slyness41, Jan 27, 2018.


    Slyness41 Member

    20180116_095325.jpg This is my design, I built a room, then was think tanking what my set up should be...using a hood, 400watts system, a 440cfm fan, all NFTG nutes with slf100, nectar #4 mix soil, 2 small air movement fans.
    I hated my last setup, lots of ductwork, was too small, heat issues. i had enough!
    So first of all, the long ductwork was not helping my heat issues, so CHECK gotta fix that, and too small, fixed that, now how to make more efficient.
    THIS was my solution. Fixed mounted hood, fan fixed also, and vented into my ceiling area. 2' or so TOTAL of ductwork, and NOW, how to get plantz to light.
    I am in construction, and stumbled onto a 4'x2' piece of wire chase on a job and LIGHTBULB.....use this as my table so to speak, and use ratchet straps on corners so it floats, THEN I can adjust plants to light instead! The adj system holds 100# per pair, so weight is fine. It's easy to adjust, works great, and plants can be as close as I want with little effort.
    I have a filtered 10"x10" vent hole in lower part of room for fresh in, room never goes above 82, never lower than 71. Hum is always at 35-45%. So far is going perfectly, juzt curious if anyone else has seen the setup I'm using. Any thoughts would be awesome!!!
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    Hydrowannabe Member

    That’s pretty ingenious! I can see a large advantage of being able to adjust the plants instead of the lights is that you could work in your reservoir much easier. Nice job
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    Slyness41 Member

    Yea I've never seen anyone do it, and I HATED all the ducting everywhere! This certainly solved the issue with that, and performs very well! Temps never go over 82. Might get a speed controller, then I can adjust venting to get a little bit better temp, was hoping for 84, won't do it now, too good exhaust.

    Slyness41 Member

    It adjusts really easy, even going diwn, because of it being corner to corner, ut doesn't tip at all.

    mmjmon Well-Known Member

    Where's the runoff going??


    Slyness41 Member

    I have a heavy thickness plastic concrete mixing tray, is 8" high on sides. Sits under the pots so when I flush, etc. it just goes into the tray, then I can take outside and dump/ clean and dry.

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