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    Trial...and error...trial....and error

    40 Gallons of Peatmoss ($40)
    40 Gallons of Humus (Quality EWC + Shrimp / Seaweed Compost) ($120)
    20 Gallons of PBH ($20)
    20 Gallons of Chunkier Perlite ($20)
    16 cups Powdered Dolomite Lime ($10)
    1.5 lbs EM-X Terra Powder ($20)
    64 Cups Azomite ($60)
    5 Lbs. Biochar/Glacial Rock Dust ($55)
    8 Cups Alfalfa Meal ($30)
    12 Cups Kelp Meal ($30) =32 - 48
    8 Cups Crab Meal ($15)
    6 Cups Fish Bone Meal ($15)
    4 Cups Rainbow Mix Grow ($15)

    General opinions, concerns, or comments are appreciated :bigjoint:

    First post by the way, excited to join RIU and hopefully contribute as much as I take!

    ganjamystic Member

    hmm.. seems like too much lime and way too much azomite.. I add azomite & dolomite @ 1 tbsp per gallon to my base mix, and then add a bit more of each to my amended mix. here are my recipes:

    base mix (seedling/clone mix):
    1/2 growstones and/or chunky perlite
    1/4 coco and/or peat (amended with yucca, aloe, comfrey, nettle, yarrow, horsetail, hops, dolomite, azomite, and beneficial bacteria/fungi)
    1/4 compost (made from fruit & vegetable peels, skins, rinds, cores, and stalks; cannabis leaves and stalks; grass clippings; forest debris; dry dead leaves; greensand and rock powder)

    vegan amended mix:
    100 gal base mix
    40 lbs compost and/or worm castings
    12 lbs fossilized bat guano 0-7-0
    6 lbs soybean meal 7-2-1
    6 lbs alfalfa meal 2.5-1-1
    3 lbs kelp meal 1-.1-2
    3 lbs neem seed meal 5-1-2
    1 cup dolomite
    1/2 cup azomite
    2 tbsp granular humic acid

    sea-based amended mix:
    100 gal base mix
    40 lbs compost and/or worm castings
    5 lbs fossilized bat guano 0-7-0 or 3.5 lbs seabird guano 1-10-0
    4 lbs fish bone meal 3-16-0
    4 lbs alfalfa meal 2.5-1-1
    3 lbs soybean meal 7-2-1
    3 lbs kelp meal 1-.1-2
    3 lbs neem seed meal 5-1-2
    1 lb fish meal 10-4-0
    1 lb crab shell meal 4-3-0
    1 cup oyster shell lime
    1 cup epsom salt
    1/2 cup azomite
    2 tbsp granular humic acid

    ganjamystic Member

    water with plain water, compost tea, worm casting tea, herb tea and/or fermented plant extracts as needed. no need for bottled liquid fertilizers or supplements..
    POH Organics

    POH Organics Member

    Appreciate the input man, allow me to explain even further. Azomite is a rock dust, as is glacial rock, granite, really any sedimentary rock. They work to both provide micro's a home for fungal hyphae! The fungus attaches to the rock dust and use it as an anchor, allowing hyphae strains to some times quadruple in length. No such thing as too much rock dust my friend ;)

    Hmmmm, too much lime...1 cu. / ft is standard and even more favored in my situation seeing as I'm attempting to balance the CEC with addition of potassium sulfate (Gotta develop those terpenes ya know :p ).

    Of course I wouldn't use a chemical salt, that would destroy my microherd..

    Best of luck man :)

    *BTW* You should use soybean meal in your third mix as well, helps getting to uranease (Now you get to learn about nitrogen my friend ;) ) Nvm, I just saw that you already do, LOL

    ganjamystic Member

    hm.. so have you had success using your recipe already? I'm not trying to argue, but I would think it would be entirely possible to use too much rock dust and end up with an over-concentration of micros. they are referred to as micronutrients because plants only need them in 'micro' amounts. I would think an overabundance could be harmful..

    I have always thought 1 tbsp per gallon was the standard for cannabis. that's roughly a 1/2 cup per cu ft. It's my understanding that dolomite has a Ca:Mg ratio of 2:1, meaning if you use too much, you end up with too much Mg in your soil, which can cause problems.. in fact, I actually noticed an error in my recipe. When using dolomite, it's not necessary to add epsom salt, because dolomite has more than enough Mg already. either dolomite should be used OR oyster shell & epsom salt or calcite & epsom salt, but not dolomite & epsom salt.. imo, adding organic matter (i.e. compost/humus) is the best way to raise CEC..

    best of luck to you too! bless!

    p.s. it's hard to communicate tone via typing, so I just wanted to clarify that I'm not trying to argue or be a know-it-all.. It just seems to me like using too much rock dust and/or too much dolomite could end up causing you problems, but I could totally be wrong :-) haha just let me know how it goes!

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