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My silkroad experiance

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by stonestare, Aug 19, 2012.


    stonestare Active Member

    I decided to try the silk road as you can say I got curious and just had to see it.

    I downloaded the browser off of the main site. When I got to the main page there is a spinning world with red dots all over the globe. There was a box that listed my location and my IP adress and a message that said you have been hacked. I keep my machine clean so I was not worried about it. 3 days later my puter crashed out, I took it to be repaired and was told I had 2 viruses on my hard drive and that both of them corrupt the hard drive.The tech was able to partition the drive and reload windows. The reason I took my machine in was because I could not get my machine to get to the boot menu. I would turn the power on and the screen would stay black.

    This is my experiance with silk road yes they had everything but guns on it and yes they used bitcoins as currency and yes everything was wicked high but its a 1 click shopping. Would I go back to it ? NO. I am not going to say to go there or not but this was my experiance and take it for what it is worth.

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    Damn bro that sucks i can access the silk road anytime i want lol.
    stoned cockatoo

    stoned cockatoo New Member

    I've been tempted to try this many times lol just heard so many shitty story's about it but

    rifk Active Member

    That's really weird... where did you download the browser from?

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    Where did you download TOR from? Torproject.org is free of any malware.

    VLRD.Kush Well-Known Member

    Someone I know tried a variant of SilkRoad and got everything setup for the "dealer" to ship him his product, well they wanted 500$ worth of shipping insurance to match the cost of product. Once he said he didnt want to do insurance they said "Well sorry, thats how we do it" and wouldn't refund the initial 500$ he put up. Pretty shitty but he's out 500 now

    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    I just read about the silk road, and here is a link for ya'll who do not know what the silk road is. http://gawker.com/5805928/the-underground-website-where-you-can-buy-any-drug-imaginable

    I have not found the site and sounds scary but might be cool to buy a shit computer and try. If these claims are true that would be awesome! uhh let me have 10 hits of acid, oz of hash and yeah throw some black tar heroin in there to.. WTF cool but scary

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    Ya basically thats how it is. Stay away from shit from the netherlands. And try n buy within usa. U can legit get just about anything and its all lab tested like u can get a gram of 99 percent pure mdma crystals fr like 120 or u can get 86 percent pure crystals which is purer than anything uve ever seen and thats like 70 a fram i believe. U can get anything dude but some things r a pretty penny. U can get a shit ton of GHB for like 20 bucks lol. And u can get bud mad cheap. If u know the right .onion ;)

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yah, something sounds off to me.. i've been on silkroad plenty and never been hacked..

    i don't think i'm a tech type of person enough for me to ever be able to figure out how to use silk road, which is a sin, cuz they have amazing stuffs.. :(
    bomb hills

    bomb hills Well-Known Member

    I have been seriously considering making an order off Silk Road for some time now. Downloaded the TOR browser, found a good supplier of Mushrooms who has a great rating, but have yet to commit and buy. Anyone here have good experiences?

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    Y wud u buy shrooms bro they r mad expensive on there

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    have you figured out pgp? that's where i'm stuck... i pretty much gave up for now..
    bomb hills

    bomb hills Well-Known Member

    Because sadly, I no longer have a source and really want a vacation in the next dimension.

    racerboy, whats pgp? The only thing I thought I needed to do was buy some bitcoins and transfer them to my silkroad account.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i wish it were that easy.. you need pgp, pretty good privacy, to do any sort of deals with the members.. it's an encryption code, and way beyond my reach unfortunatly..

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i know mreduck put up a great link awhile ago in one of the slik road threads telling you how to use it, and even after spending about a week or so trying to figure it out, i was still pretty clueless... plus, i happen to have 64 bit, and most pgp programs are made for 32 bit...

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    If u got a good desktop computer ull be good to o tho brotha dont scare him racerboy and btw racerboy i was jus reading ur posts in another thread gotta lotta respect for ya. Are u from philly? Yung bull. Ole head lol

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    lol, i'm not trying to scare him off, just want him to know it's not as easy as he thought be the sounds of it.. ffs, i'm not an idiot myself, and i am still pretty confused over the whole ordeal.. maybe it's for the best honestly, as i'd probably be spending a lot of cash over there..
    like i said, i tried for a week to get it figured out, but have pretty much given up on it is all...

    not from philly proper, but close enough for hand granades and have spent huge chunks of my life in the city of brotherly love..
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    billybob420 Well-Known Member

    pgp is super easy. There's a how to on the silkroad forum.

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    U cudnt even get the site up i got it up in 15 minutes bro

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    On a vista i bought like 4 years ago (my mom really bought it haha)

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