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My Setup and equipment

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by PuffPuffPassBitch, Jun 20, 2013.


    PuffPuffPassBitch Member

    This will be my veg cab stats

    my veg cab is 32" x 32" x 4' (I think 2' would of been good enough as i have read) so i got 2' chains to hang my 2 foot 4 bulb T5 HO 8k lumens veg light (? #1 how many plants would be ideal to veg in this space) walls i have mirror like mylar covering everything but the ceiling and floor. i am going to use 3 fans one for pulling air in and out 1 for circulation. i will improve this if i need to when i get going to see how this works this will be my first grow ever when i get everything done and ready to germinate some seeds but finding good medical seeds are impossible unless you buy from the net which i am a little scared of doing plus the money of buying them i have seen some cheap seeds but mostly are regular i would love to use female seeds. i do want to clone some seeds to save money but i have heard how hard and tedious it can be. My first grow will be 5 regular LSD seeds a friend gave me thats the only seeds i have right now i do have some bagseeds but the smoke wasn't beneficial for my medical needs.

    this is my flowering cab stats

    My flower cab will be 3' x 3' x 6.5' i will be using an apollo cooltube 600w HPS i will also have 6 clamp lights for the sides and back and the same mirror finish mylar for the walls in this cab also. for venting this i will be using a can fan and ducting just a few inches to cut down on light getting in to bring air into the cab then i will have a clamp fan to circulate air and a inline fan carbon filter combo thing i am buying for the air exiting my cab i will also have a can fan hooked up to my light to cut down on heat issues and ducting so that vents the hotter air out into my basement instead of circulating and exiting from the filter fan exhaust. (? #2 i am having the air coming in down low and should i have the exiting air going out the top or opposite side as the air coming into the cab). (? #3 how many plants would be ideal for this size flower cab). ok so that does it for my setup's now on to what else i will be using

    i will be growing in soil (roots organic's green lite) i am using rain water i have roughly 150 gallons so far. the nutes i will be using are still up in the air they are pricey so not sure but i will be using organic ones when i do decide

    so for right now thats roughly what i am going with but things might change i still have awhile before i get everything and start my first grow hopefully within 2 months i will have seeds in the soil

    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a helluva plan, now grab a hammer and some boards and get busy, we need bud porn in here :weed:

    Peace and Great Grows


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