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My seedlings aren't growing properly. Need help.

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by BAAWSE, Dec 2, 2012.


    BAAWSE Member

    I'm growing 2 different autos: dutch passion think different and freedom of seed jack auto.

    this is my first grow.

    i have no idea what's going on, but this is obviously not right. i germinated 8 seed but ended up throwing 4 away because they were even worse than what i got now. i put the seeds in ph'd rockwool cubes; most sprouted beautifully.

    first mistake: on the package for the rockwool, it says to soak the cube in 5.5 pH water and drop the seed in the hole. fine. now, the majority sprouted fine, but 3 didn't break the surface. They had roots and the little early leaf, but they were stuck in the hole. I saw this, but the package just said they'd sprout fine, so I waited. They never came out.

    second mistake: i didn't realize how much my system dried out the rockwool, and not knowing that i was even supposed to re wet the rockwool let alone do it so quick, my sprouts were left in dry rockwool for probably 5 days.

    third mistake: i didn't realize that i would have to have the light on top of my dome, so during this 5 day drought, the light was like 25 inches off my plants. I'm using a 8u 200w cool white cfl. I lowered the light, but I had the dome hood off, as I had seen on a youtube video. I left, came back, and all my plants were crippled--most had burn marks on them. I put the dome back on and a few hours later they were standing again, but still burned.

    my plants didn't grow from day 1 of sprout to about day 6 or 7--when i gave them water and moved the light.

    today is day 10 from sprout and this is all i have to show for it:
    20121202_121216.jpg 20121202_121240.jpg

    So my question is, should i scrap them and start over? I'm pretty bummed :-(
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    might as well try and keep those alive. If they die later so be it but it would give you some practice for the next set of plants. Read some of the grow guides/ seedling guides around and figure out good practices a step or two before you actually need to do them.

    trpride Member

    a lot of growers face problems wen dey use hydro mediums for the first time, it's said u shud start feeding them very low concentrations of NPK/Seaweed Extract as soon as they pop out because der aint no nutes in rockwool this was the fault in my first hydro grow so i had to shift to soil.

    I'll return to hydro tho as i've seen ppl get huge ass results

    My advice : Dont scrap them yet try feeding low ppm nutes wait 4 a few days if they start to show even a li'l progress of which der is a great chance then ur gud to go + i'd recommend if u have a few more seeds with u try growing them in soil side by side with these.

    Checkout my grow in soil its not a big op but i think my girl is doing pretty good for a month old plant



    irie230 Member

    I am doing my first grow and had suspended animation plants for a month. I ended up switching to HPS and it fixed it for me. Fox Grow and Bloom really helped alot. Caveat- I went with soil due to simplicity.

    Good luck, Post updates and Keep Growing.

    BAAWSE Member

    ok guys will soilder on with my little runts and read up some more. will post some updates too. thanks.

    and i won't lie to you, i tore open one of the rockwools. it had a bright white root in it, twisting in 3 different directions, and was about 4 millimeters from poking out the bottom corner of the cube.

    i'll also do a soil.

    thanks again.



    Like scottyballs Waterfarm 1 plant,10ozs


    tommii Member

    @somebeech. Damn! my mouths watering. you are a talented person :clap:

    pobonimitar Member

    hey dude leave them alone. i started critical rapido and guess what? they fucked me on 5 lights. it's autoflower it will grow.

    pobonimitar Member

    just get the ph and lighting right. good luck

    BAAWSE Member

    Well, I've come to an important decision. I'm giving up on hydro and am going soil, and I hate that. I really wanted to do the high tech thing, and more so I didn't want to quit when I encountered problems, but even if I do get this figured out it's not worth it. The amount of electricity expended on a few plants just doesn't justify the effort. Not to mention that soil has a simplicity that can't really be beaten. Another full week has gone by and there has been ZERO vertical growth of the plants. I can't stand to heard my fans turning , light burning, and plants not growing. There has been minimal leaf production. 1/4 of a set or less a day. I've got 3 new seedling going which should be ready in a day or so. I've got a light from hydrogrow led. Just need a pot and some soil.

    I'm also abandoning this attempt at hydro for another reason. I'm growing autoflowers. It's been more than 2 weeks and my plants are an inch and a half. At this point, there's no way this could have a good ending.

    The only redeeming thing is that I finally saw a little nub of root poking through the bottom of my rockwool. woo hoo!

    BAAWSE Member

    20121205_202305.jpg 20121206_114258.jpg 20121206_160643.jpg

    first pic is the new "growth"
    second pic is my root nub poking through the bottom
    third pic is my led light from hydro grow led
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    Good luck on your next run.
    kenny ken 77

    kenny ken 77 Active Member

    Your rock wool looks saturated! This will massively inhibit growth in young plants, their roots don't have to seek,it's all there apart from oxygen. Squeeze them out, they should feel damp. What hydro you using?

    whatsaroach?lol??? Active Member

    neeeeevvvvveeeeeer squeeze ur rockwool cube make it almost impossible for root to come out just let it sit a dry for a minute

    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    Stop watering the cubes; once the roots require water they will grow out of the rock wool to seek water, this is where your plants will devour your nutrients and start to show you the power of hydroponics.

    No reason to leave hydro, your just being an impatient noob; you'll get there keep with it as no one starts out a champ.


    pobonimitar Member

    airstone. smoke up real good then run that mf with a little watter on the rockwool.

    pobonimitar Member

    my first grow with rockwool was in an emilies garden and i got the heavyweight title on that one. heavyweight shit man. i had to learn garndening from my mothers punishments, then went to school for landscape/ horticulture. in my opinion cannabis grows easier that tomato cant grow them to save my life

    benlevit12 Member

    Dont kill them dude, try and figure out what went wrong and sort it out so if you come across the same problem you know what to do, make sure your PH is right and ur not over watering them, my current grow got a bit of a problem but im keen to sort it out! keep us updated!

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