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My SEEDED White Widow X Unknown Dank Male Smoke Report

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jcurtis912, Nov 22, 2012.


    jcurtis912 Active Member

    i took 2 hits and hsidfglshidfsd..w.erg.gw(&Klniub .........ummmmmmmmmmmmm =).............Holy Shit................ Im talking it brings you up real high and drops you off extremely quick. Boom. Im ready for another rip. Very cerebal high, the type that makes you want to lean back in the couch with the bong in your left hand, the lighter in your lap, and your right hand clutching your forehead. Im most defenitly keeping this one in the arsenal.If anyone thinks that seeded bud is any less potent, they are wrong, bottom line.

    jcurtis912 Active Member

    My White Widow mother plant is about a year and a half old, so she makes me plenty clones. Enough, i just started crossing random males with her to see if i can get any gems. This one was cross with an unknown but extremely dank male.My white widow mother is about a year and a half old, so she makes clones for me like crazy, so i decided to start trying my hand at my own crosses. I had an unknown male sprout from some bagseed i had, all i could recall is that it was really dank. This crop is seeded, as i further cross this with some Bhutan Thimpu. So here is my smoke report Appearance: TONS of orange hairs, really thick, never seen this many orange hairs in in spot, could be just because they all got fertlized. Lots of white crystals, im sure thats a nod to the white widow parentage. Nice and dense, even after removing the seeds to smoke. Smell: Kinda skunky pungent spice. Like kind of imagine if you let a whole room full cinnamon spice pie sit and spoil in a room somewhere. After your exhale, it smells of a much sweeter nice spicy smell. Overall, the note is spice. Organic soil rocks for developing the smells, gotta love it. [​IMG]

    earlsw9 Member

    A year and a half!!!! Really??? How are you growing/lighting you mother, or what are you doing to keep it manageable height wise? Because I would love to be able to do the same but with 4 total mother plants of different strains. This is where I will be growing the moms, the cab is 3'x4'x6'.

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