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My review of the Exhale Co2 bag!

Discussion in 'Organics' started by anomaly1990, Dec 6, 2011.


    anomaly1990 Member

    I ordered one of these bad boys straight from the manufacture (a small family owned business called Garden City Fungi) for about $40 including shipping.
    The day i was expecting my package to be delivered i was waiting in my front room to meet the delivery person but NOBODY showed up i checked my tracking and it said (package delivered) so i ran outside and checked my front step and low and behold nothing there.
    I then went back to the tracking site and noticed it said that my package had been delivered to a house number i didn't think even existed so i went on a walk and found it on my neighbors door turns out they put the wrong shipping address on the box but they were correct on all other shipping forms (simple stoner mistake i say) I then had a difficult time trying to actually hang the heavy bag being there are no reenforced hole to run rope or chain through so i decided to just perch it on top of my light which does not get very warm at all and is the perfect height above my canopy the bag on the first day did almost NOTHING i was sorta bummed that i had "wasted" 40 dollars on garbage but then day three rolled around and OMFG the bag pumped up and my plants were almost NEON green and were growing at such a rapid rate that i have to do tie downs almost every single day!
    I am sold on this product! For 6 months of co2 i am down to pay 40 bucks and support a family owned business i would have to say that i have tried all sorts of homemade Co2 production methods and this is BY FAR the most efficient way of providing your plants with a full organic source of Co2! And if you want to speak to someone directly Garden City Fungi has the actual owners answer calls (At least for the two times i talked with them) and they were incredibly nice to talk to almost would go as far as saying i had a good conversation with the woman owner(the place is run by a married couple) all and all people, this product is DEFIANTLY something you gota check out if you are growing a small grow they say up to four plants for one bag or 4X4 grow space but i am sure if you have a bigger room and get a couple more bags you will get the same results.
    Rating 9.5/10 (due to shipping problem)

    Arsin225 Guest

    Not to be a dick, but I'm really bored so I want to complain. You should give the product a 10/10 if you admitted you were the source of the problem

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    I use this product in my room as well. It kicks serious ass. Such a long cheap supply of co2.

    anomaly1990 Member

    actually they were the source of the problem they labeled the package wrong. not to be a dick.... lol

    anomaly1990 Member

    But on another note they called me the next day and apologized for the inconvenience so i forgive them.

    donniemcm Well-Known Member

    Do you think this product would be too much for a very small tent??? one plant.... Growlab Gl40.... it's like 17" square and about 4 feet tall

    anomaly1990 Member

    I don't think it would be too much at all, plants need as much Co2 as possible it would be very difficult to over do in fact this product works best in a small area. I have two for my 5x5 grow closet.

    iNUPE Active Member

    this is good to know! i might get one of these from amazon once my money becomes constant again.... Normal bills + Christmas + Sallie Mae = one sad young man

    Wolverine97 Well-Known Member

    There is such a thing as too much. You want to be between 800-1500ppm. If you go above that, the stomata close and photosynthesis stops. So the simple answer to dudes question is maybe, you'd have to check the ppm's (they make cheap syringe and test tube kits for around $40 or so. If it is too much, that can be mitigated with increased ventilation, but it's something to account for.

    DCgrow505 Active Member

    I also have used them and I liked them they after they started working witch seemed to take for ever . I only had 2 of them in a 10x12 room and I. Know that if I had mad be 2 more it would of did way better ond all I did was put them on top of my hoods and I saw a differnts in a few days . There perfict for lil opps like in closet grows they kick ass

    Noora Member

    I've been using it for a week now and I noticed the plants closest to the bags grew like crazy, I was actually surprised. Quick question though.. My bags were mostly solid white already but doesn't expire until 6/12. How did yours look when you purchased from owners?

    C.Indica Well-Known Member

    And on top of this, several growers run around 500ppm, and havemore stable results.
    Just my $0.02.

    Starshinewoman Active Member

    I have a closet grow 9x9x3 and I have it vented with an inline fan from the outside flowing through to the attic. I am considering ExHale in but have a couple of questions. 1. Since plants only use CO2 during photosynthesis does this waste or in any other way harm the plants to have it working during dark hours? 2. Will the air circulation diminish the effectiveness of the bag?
    Finally I live in Hawaii and so have to have ventilation because it gets up to 90 degrees in the summer in the closet so turning it off isn't possible. Thanks in advance for your replies.

    kamut Active Member

    The bag, I think, calms down during cooler times, so I think it runs less in the dark.
    Air circulation will make the bag not helpful because if it's circulating well, then your room will be like the outside air. You're supposed to seal the room to raise the level of CO2.

    FWIW, I just tried one of these things in a 4x4 tent, and I didn't see any difference really. Maybe the bag was old-it was all white. I didn't see an expiration date on it. Not disputing others' claims of success. The plants did grow in a sealed room, so I think it was putting out CO2-but CO2 more comparable to fresh air. I did not test PPM. When I went back to fresh air, everything seemed to grow at about the same pace.

    Senseimilla Well-Known Member

    Only if the ppm of co2 gets too high -- in which case it definitely can hurt your plant. Ventilation will keep the ppm from getting too high. I might be concerned at night with the bag there if there is no ventilation.
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    I would of told em I didn't get it. Send another.:fire:
    danky supreme

    danky supreme Well-Known Member

    Okay so i have never used co2 but i saw this product for the first time less than a week ago and the hydro guy didnt know awhole lot about it. My question is if you have your exhaust fan running doesnt the co2 get sucked out of your grow space before being used by your plants? i know co2 is heavier than air, which is obviously why this product is placed above the canopy. But im afraid if i used co2 my fan would pull it out.

    dudeman222 Active Member

    you need to put your exhaust on a timer to let the co2 do it's thing
    danky supreme

    danky supreme Well-Known Member

    How do you recommend doing this? Turn the exhaust fan off at night ?day?for how long? Once again no co2 experience so any pertinant info on it would be great.

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    When plants are sleeping they put out co2 a nd take in oxygen . That's why they are so perky when they wake up. They get fat breath of co2. Its a natural way of keeping o2 and co2 levels balanced. Air exchange is good anyway. When you increase co2 levels you need to increase o2 levels for repsiration. Too much co2 and plants transpire at a slower rate. Outsied air has more o2 than co2.
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