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My purple Nightshade beauties. Pretty rare, pretty special, VERY purple :)

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by OregonGrowersUnite!, Jun 17, 2013.

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    At 8 weeks of flowering!!!

    tobinates559 Active Member

    is this an Oregon strain? genetics? hows the yield? your post was a tease haha i want to know more
  3. Hahaha, I did a TON of research and all I could find was this: "The original strain is actually a breading error that started with a Barney's Night Shade about seven years ago in the hills of NorCal.
    The end result is a very deep dark purple bud that in some cases can almost look black. It's most identifying feature is a very unique smell and flavor. Fruity pebbles/cat piss/skunk with a slight citrusy twist. It's a short sativa dom strain (I know) that grows more like a grape plant. The buds look much more like the Purple Queen. When grown correctly some of the the main colas can appear to have been sprayed with powdered sugar, turning them a much lighter shade of white/purple. Thus often causing people to think that there are two strains from a single plant, until they smoke. Very smooth toking the high is that of a sativa dom strain. Slightly creeper, with a strong up... head high. Not one for people with anxiety. A wonderful morning or daytime smoke for most including those not wanting to couch it. The original strain of this plant is one of the most over all unusual strains that I have personally seen over the past few decades. Any grower that gets his hands on the original strain of this plant is in for a special treat. Grown correctly, the same goes for a patient lucky enough to find the real deal."
    Lemon king

    Lemon king Well-Known Member

    How did you come a cross the strain??? Seeds or clone? Looking sexy
  5. Clone form only, definitely. At least for what is considered the actual strain. When I first met my mentor, he was kind enough to bring me my first clones, and he brought six. He meant to bring 2 williams wonder and 4 lambs bread, but accidentally brought 1 willys and 1 purple nightshade. He let me keep it, just said I couldn't give it to anybody because the grower who gave to him said he wasn't supposed to give it away. The keeper of it has had it for awhile now. I had never had anything like it before nor have I seen anything like it since. It doesn't turn purple, it is purple. Pure purple.The whole plant grows dark green, but produces pure purple nuggetry ( ill post early flower photos soon ) When you trim it, the oil comes out purple, and when you blast it for concentrate, it turns pink :)

    walshy0913 New Member

    what an amazing strain..boy would i love to get my hands on some of those clones lolas would many ppl..cant wait to see some more pics..just curious what do you grow it in and how long does it take to flower..also what is the average yield..very curious..thanks
  7. Right now each plant is in a 15 gal aurora root pots with Roots organic gardening soil. Gret mix, perfect for anything, allows for additive nutrients which I prefer. and theres 3 of them on this batch. Unfortunately they don't grow nearly as dense as I would like, most often producing some pretty airy buds grown on some pretty spindly limbs, even on the big ones. It also takes 9 weeks for it to really start producing its trichs, although when it does its amazing, lol. Id say ill probably get 4, maybe 5 oz out of my biggest plants, so not much :/ However, the weather here in Oregon has been fantastic and we have one of these babies outside in a 30 gal container. If it continues to grow the way it has been, it should produce some serious heavy weight nugs.

    tobinates559 Active Member

    thats awesome man its always cool to see rare local gentics, i wish some seeds were available
  9. Haha right? What I wouldn't give to have some of this shit in seed form and to have some other dream strains in seed form as well ( Alaskan thunder fuck comes to mind for me )

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