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my ppm is to high how do i lower?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by jack8286, Mar 7, 2011.


    jack8286 Member

    What can I add to lower my ppm of my water it is to hard ?

    Irollfatties Active Member

    Reverse osmosis system

    Hillcrest Active Member

    What is your PPM of your plain water ?
    Reverse osmosis systems can be more trouble than worth and cause your plant more issues sometimes.

    Try fill a tank with plain water and leaving ti to stand for a day or so before using(or even longer) the PPM will lower.

    hughesresearch Well-Known Member

    yup, some companies also make nute for hard water. dont feel like it, let it sit for a few days, chlorine should evap and ppm should go down

    Hillcrest Active Member

    :) nothing wrong with these.

    jack8286 Member

    Right out of the ground let it sit overnight ph is at 5.8 in hydro water ppm is 900

    jack8286 Member

    Also how can I purify my water I'm doing areoponics with resivor in same container

    hughesresearch Well-Known Member

    thats some pretty heavily treated tap water. most are around 7 ph and 200-400ppm

    Hillcrest Active Member

    Try rain water.

    jack8286 Member

    It's well water ph is 7.5 and ppm is 900 got ph down buy any other way to get my ppm down?

    hughesresearch Well-Known Member

    well the problem is theres nute and/or chemicals in the ground water your getting. also most well pumps nowadays have filter systems, is this type ur using? if not, i really ouldnt use this water to be honest. if you have a filter well, check the filter, it shouldnt be letting that much through

    keifcake Well-Known Member

    It def shouldnt be that high, I have a well and its about 20 ppm with a ph of 6.3 straight out the tap.. Its nice being able to add water without ph up or downing.

    marijane89 Member

    if you have those 5gal jugs of drinking water you can use that
    I have filter in my water system connected to my regular water so its actualy low ph and ppm.
    Try using you fridge drinkin water it also has a filter.

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    I have a feeling you both need to check the calibration of your meters...........900 is impossilbly high for tap. Municiple water in the US must be below 500ppm. Even if its well water 900 sounds fishy. And 20ppm for well water, dont think so. Sure its passing through a R/O system before leaving the tap.....

    Honkeycorn Active Member

    I have a feeling Cowboys right, 900 sounds insane, My towns tap water is 50-60PPM and 7.0ph :)

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    ^LOL, no doubt, that's insane. You don't happen to live in Ethiopia or something like that, do ya? haha j/k man. Idk, if I were you, I'd do some searching around town for a natural spring, or even a local creek, for example, because 900 PPM is waaaay too high, and would probably be unhealthy, if you drank it. Hmm....

    Rhyspect Active Member

    i have a similar problem and im also a bit confused on why some people think ppm is down to the chlorine in the water. the water company's add more than just chlorine to my water .... fluoride an stuff. pluss it's not unsafe to have hard water in your system, seems a little high to me too but my water is 400 ppm out of the tap, and i live in the uk. Often hard water has a better taste to it aswell, and that's why some people prefer to buy bottled drinking water. there are away's of creating water RO systems, but they honestly seem like more trouble than they're worth. how a bout a solar powered distillation kit?


    could anyone tell me if this is a good idea for the uk? or if they had any more problems with doing this. as far as i can speculate the ph of the water should stay the same, and the ppm should go from 900 or what ever your number to 0.... if thats not worth the extra trouble i dont know what is .

    shotgunmikedvml Member

    Yeah, 900 ppm for tap is contaminated. I wouldn't even drink that stuff,, let alone put on my plants.

    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    why is this? If you have your nutes dialed in then isn't RO really good? almost zero ppm water

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